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Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 1) 115

by zaibazu (#46275601) Attached to: French, German Leaders: Keep European Email Off US Servers
The biggest ISP in Germany (Deutsche Telekom / T-Online) isn't openly peering at the biggest national peering point (DE-CIX) but instead is bullying everyone to directly connect to their own network.

If the other party doesn't want to pay up the packets to T-Online often get routed really strangely, often over the atlantic.

Funny thing is that the Telekom is publicly pushing for packets staying within national borders while they are the worst offenders and tech-illeterate politicians are joining up on that BS, they have been called out by tech media and the Chaos Computer Club but it didn't reach the general public (yet)

Comment: Touch vs desktop (Score 1) 398

by zaibazu (#45154507) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Rolls Out Today
Someone bash into Microsofts skull that a UI has different demands depending how the main input is. I don't need my start menu spreading over my whole screen with ginournous buttons to pick an application.

Hell you could even diffentiate large table touch vs. portable touch devices, one approach just can't work great for all types.

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