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Comment: The Problem. (Score 1) 254

by zacherynuk (#46932971) Attached to: Anti-Virus Is Dead (But Still Makes Money) Says Symantec
Software cannot currently exist in or directly access Layer 8.

Our governments are addressing this and within the decade 'AV Firms' will once again have full access to all IO and static data within layer 8 of the OSI model.

I have been reliably informed that these measures will reduce crime and increase community compliance and by bringing calm to all who have the Thought Process Modification (TPM) chip installed.

Comment: Re:No explanation for why though? (Score 1) 254

by zacherynuk (#46932681) Attached to: Anti-Virus Is Dead (But Still Makes Money) Says Symantec
Great post. No mod points do I'll join in even if OT. There is a fad on cooking everything a little as possible (because that's how it should be done!) Bollocks. You like what you like.

I like my red meat pink in the middle, not bloody with a crisp dark and in places caramelised exterior.

I like my turkey dry, but with plenty of gravy / juices. I like my chicken crisp but juicy

I like things how I like them, I was recently refused a kangaroo steak well done, and even after my instance they served it blue. Who the fuck are they to tell me how I like kangaroo?

I have had similar with game food, in England we don't worry too much about the rabbit summer season, but it's a massive US urban myth (citation?) so even serving local rabbit to dinner guests get a funny look - even though it has been fried and or (often stewed FFS)

Bottom line; don't fucking tell me how I like to eat my meat. I don't care if it's fillet, skirt or shin - cooked properly (in any preference) it's good for you and it tastes great. Just don't try and grill me a shin and tell me it's a sirloin.

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by zacherynuk (#46744987) Attached to: Private Keys Stolen Within Hours From Heartbleed OpenSSL Site
My thinking was that perhaps they didn't have all the keys they required for current certificates, but now after a bit more... persuasion / data collection they have and so having people renew their certs would mean they have renewed access... Easier to dish out known keys than try and retrieve unknown keys.

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Fact is - a good SysAdmin can play well anywhere on the pitch. Typically a 'system' comprises of more than one discipline.

Basic time management, inter-personal skills and some grasp of hygiene are pretty much must-haves.

Knowledge of the tools required to perform your duties and save the planet are a gimme, surely, once you are in that position. I am sure a 'nix admin can't avoid other disciplines the same as a wintel admin can't avoid *nix. Difference perhaps is that a decent multi-disciplines admin won't throw their toys out of the pram when they find out they have to interact with 3rd parties. (personally, physically or programmatically - take your pick)

By definition a system is a "complex whole" and should not, in 2014 be defined by OS...unless you are going to be specific about that OS, in which case you are not a sysadmin you are a *nix admin shirly.

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Indeed - not only that, but even if you are really good at keeping docs, an intranet log or similar - it still won't be read, understood or appreciated. Later on, with even the best of everyone's interests at heart the worst thing you could ever say is - "I documented this here, and explained it here and asked for feedback here and you said you read it..." Nothing like a few reference facts and common sense to drive a wedge between admins and users.

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by zacherynuk (#46723693) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?
Perhaps not. But saying so is like telling a soldier he doesn't need his weapon, or a farmer doesn't need his mechanical equipment.
Supporting the IT requirements dozens of clients in scores of offices could, theoretically, be done with pen and paper and using public phone boxes. But in order to remain competitive we all need to use the technology at hand to it's fullest.

We could meet half way and just carry around separate timetables, laptops, wireless scanners a pagers and a couple of phones like we did circa 2000 - we could hire more people to keep indoors and monitor the systems and we could send dictation tapes back to the office to be typed up via courier. Indeed we could wait until the weekend to update our call systems. But again, sadly, we wouldn't stay in business very long.

I suppose you think that delivery companies waste too much money handing out PDA's (and software) to their drivers? What about the software paramedics carry - is that a waste of money too? - Sure, they don't *need* their mobile devices - but I'm very happy they have them.

Comment: WOWZA! (Score 5, Insightful) 240

by zacherynuk (#46697081) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?
This poll has really surprised me!! Absolutely flabbergasted, to be frank.

I never plat games on my mobile, not have bought any recreational software, but I do purchase my email client and a few others

I need my mobile device for everything, Finding the time and platform of the train I need in the morning and half way through a days work to get to another client site, hailing a taxi, scanning wifi networks for strength and channel consumption, scanning networks for open shares, accessing my email accounts and accessing various other things.

I stopped using any apps with adverts in them 3-4 years ago due to power drain and now run cyanogen with suser for data leakage, but my primary apps are still paid for, if if I don't have them loaded on every device.

If the people on /. don't see the worth of buying decent mobile apps - what's the point of them other than to advertise and hijack the masses?

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And the thing is... power management is the ultimate cost, isn't it ? You can't tell a dev, trader or (higher) management to shut their machine down. like you can a 'user' (who we can just policy to shutdown ) but 1000+ rigs running even at trimmings is still $50 / Amp. That shows in finances, bonuses, dolphins and trees.

Comment: Re:Does AMD still matter? (Score 0) 142

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A very valid question. I haven't bought AMD kit since they fucked me over with socket 939. Basically a lost promise for futurebility. (my word)

I buy only about 500kusd kit a year but now I always avoid AMD and ATI GPU because their DP products simply do not work.

I know they do not work because I am always the last to be asked when we get new trading clients and their screens are flickering. Rip out the AMD GPU and replace with Nvidia. - actually, fuckit: once that far just replace the system for something that works:. Wintelvidia. (my word again) - Power saving, virtualisation, compatibility and multiple displays that actually work in a real environment. not just for a games benchmarks.

Honestly I have tried Cyrix, I really tried with AMD but at the end I have just gone back to intel.

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