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Comment What a cop out.. how about you get some skillz? (Score 2) 606

"As far as my family goes - it used to be the same sort of deal, but over the past three years I've convinced most of them to get Macs"

Seems as though alot of people are saying the same thing, get a mac. Well what kind of a cop out is that? Did you all give up learning how to fix PC's? Its not at all hard to de-malware/de-virus a pc and it builds skills in the process. Its no harder now than it was 10 years ago, so my conclusion is that everyone is getting lazy and will be ill prepared for when macs start being targeted by malware.

You wouldn't refuse to fix a relatives GM branded auto and instead tell them to buy a mazda, if you had the skills. So the only conclusion i can draw is that macs encourage atrophy in problem solving skills. Only a lame ass tech buys their way out of problems. Maybe you think you are "above" fixing peoples pcs because you are a software developer or whatever, but this poll is really not for you then. Software developers on the whole, and i have known MANY of them... have NEVER been good at fixing hardware or software problems with PCs. People who advise others to buy a mac and magically all their problems are solved, are dangerously ignorant, and should not be considered technical experts in any way.

Pretty lame cop out, shame on all you macophiles!

Comment Re:personally (Score 1) 1721

Personally, I like traveling, and I'd rather not be spit on when I venture abroad for sightseeing

Don't worry. Most of us realise that it's the 80% of US citizens who never leave the country who are responsible for the attitudes like the grandparent's. We aren't as likely to hold the ones who venture abroad responsible for your government (we just wish you would be).

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