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The Almighty Buck

+ - MLB Pulls DRM Plug on Downloads Purchased Pre-2006->

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z0idberg writes: "Joyofsox blog describes a serious issue with the mlb.com game download service. Beginning in 2003 mlb.com offered fans the chance to download full games to their computer at $3.95 each (currently the price is $1.99 per game). The downloads are protected by Microsoft DRM and on attempting to play the video on WMP (v10.0 required) would connect to mlb.com to obtain/verify your license to play the file. Sometime before April this year the page that checks the license of pre-2006 downloads was removed from mlb.com rendering these videos unplayable. When contacted mlb.com advised this was due to the download service being overhauled and the problem would be looked into, but the issue has still not been resolved with any videos purchased and downloaded prior to 2006 being unplayable. Mlb.com continues to sell games at the moment ($1.99 per game) apparently with new DRM license requirements as presumably these downloads are actually playable."
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