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Comment Re:Plea agreement = legalized extortion (Score -1, Troll) 111

"Fuck this guy" because he is guilty....Do you know he is guilty by any other means than his pleading guilty?

Isn't the whole point of GPs comment that this could be YOU that was brought in on false charges (but maybe enough circumstantial evidence to make a full blown trial risky, or at the very least very expensive), they throw every possible charge at you so that you are forced to "admit" to a crime you didn't commit so as not to risk being completely ruined?

Then YOU are the guy that everyone is saying "fuck him, he's a real criminal" to.

Comment Re:Have seen this several times as reviwer... (Score 0) 170

There are two types of reviewers: The valuable ones that actually read a paper and try to understand it, and the worthless ones that look at title, abstract and who wrote it (usually easy to find out even in anonymous review). The first type catches these things, the second does not and quite often lets bad papers in and keeps good papers out. The second type is much more common.

Or to put it short: Peer review is broken, as there is no quality control in most cases.

Reviewed that for you.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 2) 124

So you are suggesting that if a death row inmate agrees to be a guinea pig, then actually survives whatever nasties they are injected with, then they should be allowed to live?

Does your master plan include releasing the survivors from jail completely then? or just downgraded from death row to life in prison?

The alternative is they keep getting tested with nasties until they do eventualy die.

Which of these do you think is going to be an acceptable outcome to everyone?

Comment Re:Telsa's lobbiest crashes (Score 1) 294

I think the burden of proof lies on the other side.

Q. Who benefits from the bill modification?

A. Franchise dealers

Q. Who loses out ?

A. Tesla. Consumers.

So what reason did the lobbyists use to convince the members who passed the bill ?
Surely there must be valid reasons as on the face of it this hurts consumers and therefore hurts the members constituents. If they cannot show cause with these valid reasons then its reasonable to be suspicious.

Comment Re:IP's with out ISP logs are useless and even if (Score 1) 217

Not useless.

Can you not cross-reference the IP address of known transactions (booking a flight with credit card/personal info), with unknown transactions (emails intended to be sent anonymously, visits to "offensive/dangerous/terrorist" sites etc) to determine who is doing what?

Yes, there are ways around masking your IP source and identity if you go to the trouble, but that doesn't mean everyone takes those measures.

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