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Comment: Re:Our Makerbot sucks, why do we want another? (Score 1) 44

by yurtinus (#46094467) Attached to: Dell Partners With MakerBot To Resell 3D Printers and Scanners
While I agree with the gist of this thread - I do think it's exciting to see some mainstream interest (and mainstream money) being put into consumer-grade 3d printers. Dell might not be the ideal company for it, but I still consider it another step toward having commodity 3d printers whose capabilities we can take for granted (just like our CD burners or laser printers).

Comment: Re:What's left of the UK Navy (Score 1) 401

by yurtinus (#46057441) Attached to: More Bad News For the F-35
You only need CATOBAR if you want strike capability. The ability to launch and recover large, heavy aircraft is very much for offense. If you're interested primarily in air defense, you can get by with lighter weight aircraft and much much lighter munitions. The Nimitz is great if you need to strike targets far from home, but if you have equally capable aircraft, you could defend against one with a far smaller carrier.

Doesn't make one or the other "proper," just built for different missions.

Comment: Re:This should be good! (Score 1) 611

by yurtinus (#45857633) Attached to: Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham
I hope they can focus the debate on what should be taught to children rather than the endless runaround a debate over creationism itself would be. I honestly think you could get a lot of value out of a debate over the merits of teaching some of the philosophy behind creationism.

We all know arguing creationism against science is like debating the merits of mustard over screwdrivers....

Comment: Re:No No! Re:Boohoo (Score 1) 439

by yurtinus (#45737355) Attached to: US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil
and those with a ruthless dedication to the pope, and those who put their left shoe on first (the heathens), and those who never learned the true meaning of zero, and those with stars upon thars, and those who have a potassium deficiency, and those who like parrots, and those who don't like parrots, and those who don't use a mouse mat, and lefties, and righties, and ambidextrousies, and those about to rock, and those named Spartacus, and those who can only count in hexadecimal, you insensitive clod.

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil