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Comment Re:Nice but... (Score 1) 385

But modifying a const variable by casting the const away is undefined behaviour and has always been. Your code example is illegal, the memory SOME_BINARY_FLAG is in may not even be modifiable (it may be in ROM, for example.)

And static means that the compiler knows this symbol is only used in this TU, and that if you don't take it's address, it doesn't need to emit it as a variable in memory.

Comment Re:Ultrafast search and metadata filesystem (Score 1) 356

There's no need to update any database with Everything, and it is also *fast*, there's no delay between you typing a letter and the results being updated, it's literally instant, over three whole disks. It's the definition of a pleasurable program to use. These days I just use it to open files, even if I already know where to find them, just because it's so fast.

Comment Re:A couple of points missed by the article... (Score 2, Informative) 225

Console games are licensed, PC games are not. I don't know how much it costs to publish a game for the Xbox360/PS3/Wii, but it's more than zero. Publishing a game for the PC costs nothing in licensing fees.

If you are willing to write a game engine from scratch, sure there are no licensing fees. Most game developers license the engines from the likes of Id Software and Epic.

Yes there are. All console manufacturers demand licensing fees for developing and publishing software for their consoles.

Comment Re:Git (Score 5, Insightful) 150

It has perfectly fine branching, see http://stevelosh.com/blog/2009/08/a-guide-to-branching-in-mercurial/

On another note, what kind of retarded wrote the summary? It makes no mention of who Atlassian or what Bitbucket are and instead spends time being an inflammatory git apology that doesn't even make any sense given that Mercurial is also opensource and free.

- a git/github and hg/bitbucket user

Comment Re:Not so awesome as you might think (Score 1) 259

I'm a similar heavy sleeper on the mornings. No amount of alarm clocks will wake me up, but a good shine on the face will do the job. Sometimes. However I suspect my body has entered this state to deal with my chronic sleep deprivation. I have what I think are signs of extremely week will. I will procrastinate on the PC for hours at end, always putting off sleep. Even if I'm tired, barely able to keep myself awake I'll put off sleeping. It feels like an addiction. My attendance rate last semester was near 50% because I would sleep through the mornings most of the time, no matter what I tried to wake up. And the sleep just kept piling up until one day I'd just skip sleep and sleep in the afternoon the next day, reseting my sleep timings until they drifted again. And here I am at 3am on slashdot. :(

Comment Re:99% Debauched (Score 1) 151

I've been on the internet since a early age (8 years old or so) and learned most of my English from browsing forums and other websites in English. I've got to the point where I actually prefer English rather than Portuguese for most of my tasks that don't involve communicating with others and most people online or on IRC compliment me on my English, saying I'm barely distinguishable from a native user of the language. That extends to a certain point to spoken conversation too, I can understand and speak fluently, though pronunciation of words is still off. Goes to show that culture immersion really works for learning languages.

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