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Journal: iPod and iTunes enhancements 6

Journal by yulek

this is my log book of things that the iPod and iTunes interfaces could do a lot better. most of it revolves around playlist management. there are still very few good playlist managers out there and a lot of really really crappy ones. feel free to add your own comments

User Journal

Journal: socialnets

Journal by yulek

a short opinion of SNs:

friendster - first successful attempt at a socnet; basically a virtual meat market; i think its popularity is fueled mostly by people's need to be connected to beautiful people. i know that's all i got out of it (my beautiful people are more beautiful than your beautiful people)

it's a "shallow" net... kind of like the AOL of SNs >:)

also, it's mind-boggingly slow.

*** - many many more features than friendster and built around the idea of clubs (tribes), seems to be a hangout for artists and freakos and much less of a meat market; there's much more to life than just getting laid!

technologically the most advanced and very little downtimes. RSS feeds for every public tribe makes it much easier to communicate by using aggregators.

*** - certainly has the most ego boosting features, reached critical mass unbelievably fast (could it be the nebuleous 'affiliated with google' thing?), seems much more a geek-crowd than friendster or tribe (could have to do with that ego-boosting bit?).

has one tiny little problem... constantly losing data. i have 3 friends who just disappeared one day and then a few weeks ago it happened to me too. no reason. i'm just gone. the communities i've started are now orphaned. my friends say it's like i never existed. i actually emailed their "customer support" (i'm guessing it's aliased to /dev/null 'cause i never got any responses to 4 different querries)

i eventually returned to orkut. it's impossible to stay away when half your friends are there... but it still amazes me how much the engine sucks. bugs bugs bugs. broken threads. shitty performance. awful forum design...

MY OPINION: > orkut > friendster has the best design for a non-dating SN, and the community is the most interesting. i've actually learned a ton, signed up for cool classes, had amazing conversation threads, and it wasn't just a front for meeting people i'd like to fuck... rockin'


Journal: Angels & Demons

Journal by yulek

I read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown last month. Argh. So I'm out of touch, but I didn't know who Dan Brown was and althought I've heard of it, I hadn't read The DaVinci Code (and now I probably never will).

A&D sucks. On the surface, I have to admit, it was difficult to put down. The story was magnetic but in a very cheap way. Also I was stuck in an airbus for 28 hours over the Pacific.

* * *

Am I the only one fucking sick and tired of all female scientists in popular fiction having to be beautiful and in tight shorts. Is Jolie going to play Vittoria in the movie?

* * *

Note to Dan: historical research != an [I Feel Lucky] search on Google...

* * *

There's lots of cheap twists and shocks, naivette about science, The Illuminati, the Vatican, human relationships, CERN, etc. He *almost* gets interesting on some scientific stuff but then stops just short of. Writing for the masses does not mean you have to dumb everything down for the "common man".

* * *

Trite dialogue fills the space between his action sequences and popular science. And a good and proper dark mood is totally ruined by misplaced repartee and schoolgirl writing style flirting between Robert and Vittoria.

* * *

Dan Brown wrote this book with one thing in mind. Big budget formula movie. And it shows. Already it's on my "Must Miss" list. Hire the ID4 team. Get lots of CG. Plug book into mold (look how well it fits : to paraphrase The Player, "it's Hanibal meets Tomb Raider meets The Sum of all Fears"). Hire Bruckenheimer to produce it. Sprinkle with teaser ads using Carmina Burana's 'O Fortuna' as music byte and TA-DA : instant blockbuster for the masses. Thank you but I'll pass on the Dan Brown full colonic.

* * *

This book annoyed me so much I'll probably never end up reading The DaVinci Code which is probably better. It is, isn't it?

UPDATE 3/7: nm, someone i trust says DVC sucks too.

* * *

The Illuminati anagrams were very cool tho. Props to the artist.

If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for. -- W.C. Fields