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by yuhong (#48146001) Attached to: Google Finds Vulnerability In SSL 3.0 Web Encryption

If you absolutely have to use IE6, go to Internet Options's Advanced tab and check TLS 1.0 and while you are at it uncheck SSL 2.0. But of course the preferred solution is to upgrade and while you are it please also update to XP SP3 if you hasn't already. There is no WGA check in WinXP service pack in general, despite such misconceptions.

+ - MS Office macro virus comeback->

Submitted by yuhong
yuhong (1378501) writes "Thanks to the change in default macro security setting in Office 2007, macro viruses are making a comeback. Usually the documents uses social engineering tactics to convince the user to enable macros. Most of these macro "viruses" do not spread in the old sense. Instead they contain downloaders that downloads an EXE from another website and execute it."
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+ - MS squeezing SQL Server customers on licensing->

Submitted by yuhong
yuhong (1378501) writes ""Microsoft's SQL Server business has hit the $5 billion mark in terms of annual revenue and is growing like gangbusters, according to CEO Satya Nadella. " What Satya did not mention is where this revenue comes from. According to an article from CRN, "Licensing experts believe this stunning figure is primarily due to the company raising prices last summer for many of its enterprise products [such as SQL Server].""
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