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Comment: Re:TC developer used hidden message!!! (Score 2) 475

by ysth (#47142731) Attached to: The Sudden Policy Change In Truecrypt Explained

Yes, it seems pretty clear to me that this is a warrant canary.

It may still be that they triggered it (or let it self-trigger via inaction) out of lack of desire to continue the project.

In any case, the presumed goal of the canary - making sure that no one trusts any future TrueCrypt version released via the normal channel - has certainly been successful.

Comment: Re:Preposterous (Score 1) 288

by ysth (#46919819) Attached to: Applying Pavlovian Psychology to Password Management

Because the whole point of a "correct horse battery staple" password is to make a password you can remember simply as a story. It is counterproductive to add in foreign words (to the extent that makes a story harder) or other rules like how to represent accented characters or what punctuation to put between words.

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