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Comment Re:The internet hates everything (Score 1) 438

My wife still wants to start throwing things at the TV when that horrible abortion of an intro plays.

I gave up when the VERY FIRST EPISODE hinged on genetically engineered aliens from the future. They literally jumped the shark on a rocket powered jet-ski with disco balls and laser beams mounted on it, in the very first episode.

I turned it off, never looked back, and chuckled when I heard it ended up cancelled short of the obligatory 7 season mark.

You know your show sucks when the final episode ends up set on the holodeck from a preceding show that outclassed yours in every way. It's about the only way they got anyone to actually watch it. It's the only reason I ever watched it at least.

Comment Re:Lexx (Score 1) 480

Well, since Lex Gigeroff is dead you shouldn't hold your breath. Besides, Lexx died in the last episode. Maybe they planned to do something with his baby bug but we'll never see anything else from it.

Comment Re:USB Import (Score 1) 317

I pretty much only buy my music on CD's. I refuse to pay money for lossy copies of music. If I'm going to spend my hard earned money on it I want the real, all the sonic bits there, deal. This isn't because I can hear a difference between a lossless copy and a 256k mp3 (I can't), but because I usually CAN hear a difference if I transcode that mp3 to another lossy format.

I typically use OGG Vorbis around 96kbps on my portal devices because it's pretty much transparant. I rip my original CD to FLAC in my library. I play the FLAC files at home and I can transcode them to Vorbis, AAC, or whatever I want to for mobile or streaming use without worrying about multigenerational loss. This allows me to store anywhere from 3-4 times the amount of music in a given amount of mobile storage with generally no audible loss of quality.

Most online stores which sell lossless copies of music charge a premium for it. I see no reason to pay more to download lossless versions than I would pay to buy and ship a CD to me. With the CD I get the added bonus of a hard backup as well. When available, I have bought FLAC downloads from some indie bands who offer them at reasonable prices.

Comment Re:The difference isn't the card. (Score 1) 502

Wow, How is it I'm running my 1920x1200 monitor with 32 bit color at 60Hz over my $5 Monoprice DisplayPort cable? And how is it I'm running another machine connected to that same monitor with the same resolution, refresh, and color depth over another $3 Monoprice VGA cable? And how is it the image quality through both of these very cheap cables is absolutely spectacular? It's pretty obvious you have to spend a ton of money on the cables to get good quality.

Comment Re:love descent (Score 1) 251

I played Descent and Descent 2 using nothing but a keyboard, and I was a force to be reckoned with. Had to find specific types of keyboards which would allow more than 3 keys to register simultaneously for home, but I could get by with limited ones.

Probably one of my favorite memories was an old friend I used to play Descent with and I went to a LAN cafe. My friend bet the guy running the place our hourly fees for the night that I could beat him to 20 kills in Descent 2 using just a keyboard and he could use any controller he wanted.. He confidently dragged out a mammoth multi-button joystick and a throttle controller with even more buttons. Final score was me 20 and he hadn't even gotten 10. We had an audience watching and no one could believe I could fly that ship around like that with just a keyboard.

Man I miss that game.

Comment Old vs New (Score 1) 371

My current machine is essentially silent unless under load, when it can get a little noisy from the cpu and gpu fans ramping up.

My previous primary machine had a 64-bit P4 3GHz overclocked to 3.4GHz with a cpu fan running at 8000 rpm. It had 4 x 10k rpm Seagate Cheetah drives running in it with a 120mm 7000 rpm fan cooling them.

I kept it in the basement and you could hear it everywhere in the house, and even outside the house..

Comment Re:Maybe, but... (Score 5, Interesting) 246

I'm an 80's metal head. I even played bass in a metal band up until 2009.

The Black album was an abortion, but I could forgive them for it.

3 main things drove me away from them.

First, they essentially released Cliff 'em All and then relegated Cliff to nothing more than a footnote. I went to see them on their black album tour and they played a half hour video before the show of which, I kid you not, 30-45 seconds at the beginning mentioned Cliff. The remaining 29 minutes made a point of excluding him. Even in clips of old shows and behind the scenes footage from those years they purposefully omitted anything that had him in it. To top that off they billed it as a 4 hour show and played maybe 1.5 hours and called it a night.

Second, Load of shit, and Reload of shit.

Third, and what was the final nail in the coffin was the Napster incident. For a band, who were where they were only because of bootlegging, to unleash the lawyers on their fans was the biggest kick in the balls, douche bag move I've ever witnessed from anyone in the genre. I wouldn't have heard or bought their albums, or gone to their shows had it not been for my cousin giving me a dubbed cassette tape of Ride The Lightning.

I vowed then that they would never see another dime from me, and they haven't and never will. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

I still listen to the Cliff era music, but that's the only music they ever put out really worth listening to anyway.

I'm all about Maiden though!

Comment Laser is the only option (Score 1) 266

Several years ago I bought a Samsung laser printer, new, for about $80.. It's currently connected to a Raspberry Pi which is acting as it's print server. It took about a year to burn through the demo toner cartridge that came with it. I bought a full replacement cartridge for $30 and have been printing from that ever since.

I have sworn off inkjets.. Never again..

I can go for months without printing on my laser printer and when I come back to use it everything is fine.. Every inkjet I've ever owned or touched would dry up in a month of idling, prompting another round of shelling out $80 or more for ink cartridges that run dry after only a few dozen pages at best. Again prompting another round of $80 or more, rinse, repeat.

I've printed THOUSANDS of pages on my current, couple year old $30 toner cartridge and it's showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. The quality is better, the life span is better, the economics are astoundingly more rational than inkjet.

Comment Re:Technological masturbation (Score 0) 79

I'm quite sure they could find some low level mess that needs attention.. There is plenty out there.. Honestly, even if kernel code is what they dream of at night then spending their time testing, validating, and patching problems in either or both of the Linux and FreeBSD kernels would be far more beneficial to the entire FOSS ecosystem than another GNU distro port using the FreeBSD kernel.

Again, they can spend their time however they want. I just think it's a shame it wasn't spent doing something more beneficial/practical.

Comment Re:Technological masturbation (Score 1) 79

You're right, it's not my time and I'm not going to claim to desire to dictate how they spend theirs.

I just don't see the value proposition in spending time on this versus spending the time perfecting Arch Linux. I'm not an Arch user, though I'm interested in it. Right now I tend to mainly use Debian, Mint, and FreeBSD. What I'm sure of is that there are bugs and usability issues in Arch that this effort could have been used to address.

I can appreciate their efforts from a technical standpoint, but in the end they used that time to create a technical novelty that in reality will not see a long term use nor large scale adoption. A sharper and more polished Arch experience would have a tremendously larger impact compared to this.

Comment Technological masturbation (Score -1, Flamebait) 79

Technological masturbation what these GNU "Linux" userlands with FreeBSD kernel projects boil down to. FreeBSD already comes with a tightly integrated and very secure userland. Use the best tool for the job.. The Linux kernel is great.. The FreeBSD kernel is great.. If you need GNU/Linux userland functionality either use GNU/Linux or simply use a native FreeBSD version of those tools on a native FreeBSD system. If you need FreeBSD functionality use a userland designed and optimized specifically for it instead of trying to hammer a foreign kludge on top of it..

Wasted effort that would have been better spent on something useful.

Comment Re:Maybe this is the reason (Score 4, Informative) 215

Bruce, Microsoft contributed the SILK codec used in Skype to the Opus project and released any related patents royalty free. I would have a hard time trusting MS if they told me the sky was blue, but they basically made the low bitrate capability of Opus legally doable.

As for those who are posting their scepticism about the opus codec's quality, the IETF standardised Opus as RFC 6716 and is making it a mandatory to implement codec for WebRTC based on it's proven performance at every applicable bitrate.

For quality comparison info:

RFC 6716:

Comment Re:What do they do? (Score 2) 212

I got mine in the middle of last month from Element14. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it and they said it would take weeks.

I ran it for a couple of weeks with raspbian as a print server and last night I replaced my old TV connected media PC that ran XBMC with the Pi running OpenELEC. The media files are stored on a FreeBSD server in my basement and the Pi accesses them through an NFS mount. Works great for everything so far, though the interface is a bit more laggy than the old media PC. It's still very usable and for the power savings over that old P4 machine it replaced I'll deal with the minor lag.

I have several SDHC cards with different config images on them (print server, XBMC, etc).. It's nice to have a little low power device which can change into a completely new machine by simply swapping a little SD card.

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