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Comment: Copyright and Public Places (Score 1) 379

by youngone (#49747201) Attached to: Student Photographer Threatened With Suspension For Sports Photos
I have done some research on just this issue, for the camera club I belong to. I live in a different jurisdiction to this guy, but some of the principles that apply to me might also apply to him. From my research I have discovered that copyright belongs to the person taking the photo. That's not even debatable and can only be changed with a specific agreement between parties. Also any photography in public places is totally protected, in a public place people have no expectation of privacy, and can be photographed without their consent. A public place is defined as any place the public have reasonable expectation of access to. So a shopping mall would be a public place under our law. These issues arose when a member of my camera club took some photos of a traffic accident recently. A Police Officer instructed him to delete the photos from his camera citing "privacy". He complied, but was very unhappy.

Comment: Re:More proof the media is controlled by Republica (Score 1) 276

If he is supported by the Establishment wouldn't he have more chance of being nominated? I don't have any inside knowledge of the process, but it seems to me that if Republican powerbrokers want another Bush, they'll make sure he's their man, and the party base will have to just fall into line behind him. I am could very well be wrong about that of course, but it does seem logical to me.

Comment: Re:$30 (Score 1) 515

True, I travelled from Paddington (or St. Pancras I can't remember which) to York, a distance of about 200 miles for 22 pounds or so a couple of years ago. It took a morning really, was pleasant and fast (top speed of 125 mph according to the friendly conductor). When we got to York, we commented to my wife's cousin about how great the trains are in the UK, and she laughed. "You should go to Germany, theirs are twice as good and half the price".

Comment: Anecdote (Score 4, Interesting) 54

My Mother's partner FLT/SGT Hudson of the Royal New Zealand Air Force flew in a couple of those bombers during the recent unpleasantness with Germany. His favourite bomber, as a gunner, was the Wellington though, he said that it was possible to shoot huge holes in those and they just kept flying home. In a memoir he dictated before his death, he told of a raid where his aircraft was jumped by two BF-110's over Holland. He managed to shoot one down, but the other one shot out one of the Wellington's engines and blew huge holes in the wings and fuselage. Although the navigator was killed, they made it home for a crash landing. I think the pilot on that flight was 21 years old.

Comment: Re:Capitalism does not create freedom (Score 1) 49

I have always wondered if the CCP keep such a tight grip on power because they know the history of China, and they know that when China does not have a strong central government millions of people die. I looked at this list: and of the top ten deadliest wars in history, 8 involved China, and huge death tolls. Just looking at WWII, the US lost about 400,000 dead, China lost 15 - 20 million. I wonder if the CCP just want to prevent any sort of repeat of this, and figure that a tough authoritarian central government is the only way to achieve this.

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