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Comment: Re:About time. (Score 1) 407

What I did when I was in a similar, (not exactly the same), position, was tell the boss "sure, no problem" then tell the replacement guy either nothing, or bullshit, then when the boss wanted to know why he couldn't do the job yet, I would say "I've already shown him how to do that". By the time they figured it out my notice was up and I left. It really helped that the replacement was Indian and really poorly educated. He claimed to speak three languages as well as English, (which was probably true), but if his other language skills were as poor as his English it's a wonder he could communicate with anyone at all. He was hired specifically to do my job, but there was no indication he had any experience at all. I think he lasted about 2 weeks after I left.

Comment: Re:Let me fix that for you... (Score 2) 662

by youngone (#49350415) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear
That is all very interesting, and no doubt true, but as Top Gear runs on BBC which does not accept advertising, and the other channels in the UK are all commercial channels, he will not be free to slag off the various cars they drive, because the advertisers will get upset. That removes about half the fun of the show, and is one of the major weaknesses of the Top Gear US and Top Gear Australia shows I've seen.

Comment: Re:Hugh Pickens and Bennett Haselton: journalists? (Score 4, Informative) 124

by youngone (#49350187) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law
Australia has a couple of big media companies that dominate the media landscape, just as most Western economies do. Those media companies and the two big political parties make use of each, once again just like most western countries. ChunderDownunder has the right idea, but Rupert and the rest won't let the Greens, (or any other disrupters) get any power.

Comment: Re:Transparency in Government is good! (Score 1) 334

That's a good post, well thought out, and well put too. I think you're missing an important point here though, and that is that we are talking about power and money here, and as soon as the two incumbents see either of those put at risk the rules will change pretty damn quick. The two party system is really a one party system.

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