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Comment: Re:Waiting for bribes (Score 1) 221

by yoprst (#28234889) Attached to: Russia Launches Anti-trust Probe of Microsoft
Cetainly not "almost everyone". Russian authorities are really fighting piracy for the last couple of years. Of course a)it's done with their usual level of competence and eagerness b)it's most likely the result of some (cough cough MS?) companies figuring out "how thing work in post-soviet countries", not a genuine desire of Russian authorities to protect intellectual property.

Comment: Re:Government "vs" criminals? (Score 1) 140

by yoprst (#27110867) Attached to: Shaming Russia Into Action On Cyber Crime
"government" and "criminals" are definitely not the same thing. government is just the biggest player on that market (in fact, several players - government agencies commit crimes on their own, not conspiring but, in fact, competing with each other), but there are lot's of others who want their own slice of the pie

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