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Simulation of the Mars Science Laboratory Sky Crane 195

Posted by kdawson
from the rocket-science dept.
An anonymous reader points us to Gizmodo for a fascinating video of NASA's Sky Crane. "When I read that the UFO-looking Mars Science Laboratory's aeroshell would use a floating crane — called Sky Crane by NASA — to softly land the rover on Mars, I couldn't believe it. Now, watching this hyper-realistic NASA simulation, I still can't believe how the whole thing works. I don't know about you, but the whole operation mesmerizes me to no end."
Portables (Apple)

Publishing a Commercial iPhone Game, Start To Finish 38

Posted by timothy
from the alger-would-be-proud dept.
Niklas Wahrman writes with this "motivational story on how a student and part-time developer was able to take an idea and turn it into an Android project and then port to iPhone for commercial release in less than a year. In the article, he focuses on how to get a game done — a problem many independent developers face. During the development of the game, Asterope, he took a lot of screenshots from many of the development stages that show how the game gradually came to life."

+ - Gmail offers paper email delivery

Submitted by
juicejar writes "Gmail has finally got with the program. You can now receive a paper mail of your email messages. Allow 2-4 business days for delivery! "I've always felt uneasy about the whole internet thing. With the help of Gmail Paper, now I'm taking matters back into my own hands, literally." Kevin S., CEO AdventaStar Inc. Everyone should go check it out now! http://mail.google.com/mail/help/paper/more.html"

+ - Google Unveils TiSP

Submitted by
martinelli writes "Google has finally unveiled TiSP, a "a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines." Hopefully, this is not another Google Labs project that gets flushed down the drain. http://www.google.com/tisp/install.html"

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