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by ultranova (#47709333) Attached to: Netflix CEO On Net Neutrality: Large ISPs Are the Problem

Please show me the gun that's being used.

This delusional refusal to acknowledge that anything but outright violence could ever be coercive is the acid that's quickly dissolving whatever credibility capitalism still has left and exposing the grinning skull of feudalism beneath the mask of prosperity. I wonder what economic system will replace it, once people finally get tired of having structural flaws treated as unchangeable laws of nature or blamed on their victim's personal weaknesses?

The current climate is just like that which preceded the collapse of the Soviet Union: the prevailing myths are so much out of sync with reality people are running out of willing suspension of disbelief and losing their faith. No one believes anymore that hard work will be repaid with anything but layoffs, or that business success comes with a superior product rather than gaming the system, or that the rules are the same for everyone. The system has already lost its beating heart of credible mythology that can organize behaviour, it's just a matter of time before the necrosis of anarchy spreads everywhere.

Comment: Re: Women should earn more than men. (Score 1) 97

Actually feminism is about equality for men and women.

Okay. So naturally feminists are working hard to set up those shelters for men who suffer from domestic abuse which you confirmed are currently missing?

The thing is, you can claim you are about equality, and even believe so from the bottom of your heart, but if you only ever adress inequalities that go one way, you aren't. You're a lobbyist promoting special interests, perhaps fair-mindledly, but a lobbyist still.

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The problem is that when women do it, it's considered 'empowering.' When men do it, it's considered sexist bigotry.

Having a double standard for members of your own group vs. members of other groups is also natural human behaviour. Neither women nor feminists are any less hypocritical or power-hungry than humans in general. Every movement, no matter it's initial purpose, eventually degenerates into benefiting the people within at the expense of the people without, and at that point should be considered as having exhausted any moral high ground it might ever had had, and abandoned in favour of something new and still shiny.

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by ultranova (#47695341) Attached to: Daimler's Solution For Annoying Out-of-office Email: Delete It

In theory you could just let the emails sit there until you are back at work, but in practice sadly it is often expected that you check your email inbox every now and then.

Just make it so the work email account is unreadable from outside the office network, and any emails going to your personal account means an hour of automatic overtime pay. Then let the beancounters discuss whether the message really was so important it couldn't wait with the sender.

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by ultranova (#47695059) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

Troll is a person posting an inflammatory message with the deliberate intent of exciting readers into a controversial response. This is the exact definition.

The problem is, that makes trolls indispensable for meaningful discussion, since they draw the implicit assumptions and attitudes out into the open for all to see. Ghandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus were all epic trolls by this definition. And the authorities of the day wanted to ban them all, which rises some questions about where, exactly speaking, does this apparent concern for the sensibilities of forum readers originate?

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by ultranova (#47694803) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

If there were a real-names policy (an actual, checked, real-names policy, not bullshit like what Google tried to pull), one would surely see less trolling.

One would also see less insightful posts, since any kind of insight typically steps on the toes of some entrenched interest. And even on Slashdot posts expressing unpopular opinions typically end up downmodded because, after all, if it provokes you, it's a troll.

A forum with real-names policy is basically worthless, which is precisely why the Powers that Be try to push them. Stripping people of the shield of anonymity makes dissenting opinions easier to silence through chilling effects. And of course this is marketed for our own good, after all we all know that having someone get away with posting something offensive on the Internet is the worst thing ever.

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If you're good you should be in charge of more people

Ummm, no. The skills required to be a good engineer are not the skills required to be a good manager of engineers. There's some overlap, sure, but you can be an outstanding engineer but have poor leadership skills, or be an amazing and revered leader but terrible at actually designing the stuff your people are working on.

You should be in charge of exactly as many people as you are good at being in charge of. That's unrelated to how good you are at being one of the workers.

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by ultranova (#47692009) Attached to: Processors and the Limits of Physics

But now let's totally eliminate the barrier between graphics, sound and all other processors. Instead of limited communications channels and local memory, have distributed shared memory (DSM) and totally free communication between everything.

This sounds a lot like NUMA. Which, I might add, absolutely requires differentiating between local and non-local memory, since the latter is much slower.

Thus, memory can open a connection to the GPU,

Like GPUs have done since the time of AGP? Or did you mean memory will simply send some random data for no particular reason?

the GPU can talk to the disk,

For what purpose? Do you plan to write a file system driver that runs on the GPU? To accomplish... what, exactly speaking?

Ethernet cards can write direct to buffers rather than going via software (RDMA and OpenSockets concepts, just generalized).

Haven't they done this a long time now? In fact, don't all devices that do significant IO use direct memory access?

What room, in such a design, for a CPU? Everything can be outsourced.

And the part that keeps track of the overall program execution state and issues these outsources tasks to other components is, for all intents and purposes, a CPU.

Have the router elements take care of heat and congestion issues, rather than compilers.

...What the heck are you talking about?

And this is marketspeak? Marketspeak for what? Name me a market that wants to eliminate complexity and abandon planned obsolescence in favour of a schizophrenic cross between a parallel Turing machine, a vector computer and a Beowulf cluster.

None does. It's the "schizophrenic" part that's the killer. Which is why, if you need to sell garbage anyway, you litter your product description with enough trendy buzzwords to convince technologically illiterate that it's cutting edge high tech. Which, if you are trying to polish a particularly smelly turd for a sale, can end up using almost all of them. And that can have great synergy with illusion-challenged human resources seeking a solution for cynicism management.

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by ultranova (#47691881) Attached to: Is Storage Necessary For Renewable Energy?

That right there is economist talk, and do not hold up to a reality check what so ever.

You have a very odd view of reality.

Idle production equipment is not wasted.

By definition that which is not used is wasted.

Idle workers are not wasted (unless they happens to still get paid).

Idle workers still need to eat, so either the factory pays them or the taxpayer will. But unfortunately, with all economic activity crippled by lack of energy, just like the factory was, there are no taxpayers any more, so there seems to be a small problem.

Sure, there is a "loss" of potential profits if the market is screaming for the widgets the factory is providing.

That, and people aren't getting the widgets. That's too bad if it's an iPhone factory, and worsel if it makes heart medicine.

But unless some book worm economist set up the whole gig, every damn widget produced, be at 0.01% production capacity or 100% capacity, is a profit earner once sold.

This might surprise you, but both buildings and machinery require maintenance. Furthermore, neither raw materials nor products simply teleport around, and the overhead of moving them is the greater the less you have. And finally, as I already noted, a lot of production processes can't simply be arbitrarily slowed - apart from chemical factories, how about things like casting molten stuff?

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