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Comment: Migrating to Ubuntu (Score 1) 1213

by ylikone (#32513262) Attached to: Time To Dump XP?
Everyone at my company was still using XP until a few months ago when some management changed to Win7... doesn't look like the rest of us will be getting Win7 licenses anytime soon so I've decided to migrate to Ubuntu. I've been using Linux on my desktop at home since 2000 so I'm quite comfortable with it and I can't think of anything that I would absolutely require that would keep on the Windows platform. Besides, Wine can probably handle whatever issues come up.

Comment: Only the ignorant still using inkjets (Score 1) 651

by ylikone (#32331508) Attached to: HP Explains Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive
Inkjets are a complete waste of money. Get yourself a b&w laser printer for document printing and go get any photos you want printed over to your local grocery store (via SD card or whatever) where you can get them printed for cheap. I try explaining this to some people but they don't seem to get it and would still rather waste money on ink and glossy paper.

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