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Comment: Re:Prior art (Score 1) 434

by yivi (#38446456) Attached to: Apple Patents Using Apps During Calls

No, it's not.

You could ALWAYS run apps on iPhone. 1st party apps, that is. Mail, calculator, weather, stock, notes, safari, etc. Third party apps, you had to wait a bit (or jailbreak). I don't remember if you were able to multitask between phone-calls and apps during calls on the iPhone OS 1... but it seems quite likely that you could.

Comment: blackberry appeal? (Score 1) 159

by yivi (#32897644) Attached to: BlackBerry Tablet Confirmed, Supports Flash

Hi there,

Could someone please explain me what's the big deal about BlackBerry? Every time I tried to use one of those I hated the experience, from top to bottom, and never managed to understand why anyone would actually choose a device by RIM than from Nokia or even SE (or now Apple).

Is it the Enterprise support with things like the BlackBerry server? But now you can get that with other phones, right? I mean, even with Google Apps you get most of that now through their Exchange support...

Is it that they were the first (that I know of) on getting mail to be "pushed" to the device, and hence got enough mindshare to keep on selling despite being horrible?

Or is it just a thing about different tastes/cultures between American and Europeans?

I don't know, at the company I work for we were just about to upgrade all our phones, and they sent me a couple of BBs trying to get us to get in the BlackBerry wagon. Again, I was disappointed, and hurriedly chose something else from Nokia, as usual



Comment: Re:Your rights OFFLINE! (Score 1) 709

by yivi (#31667250) Attached to: 9 MA Cyberbullies Indicted For Causing Suicide

The question is, how much do you value human life? You could, for example, send all your kids off to war, and indeed you will have "survival of the fittest."

Yes, but then only the most fit for war would survive. Survivors would then come back to peacetime, something they wouldn't be fit for. Unless war went on and on, your selection process would severely suck.


Comment: Re:Not Surprising (Score 2, Informative) 211

by yivi (#31341488) Attached to: Tethering Is Exhilarating (With the Nexus One)

Parent is right, grand-parent is seriously confused.

In Spain tethering also worked from day one, using it is extremely simple (either via bluetooth or cable) and the connection is fast. I have a couple of friends (who obviously don't download gigabytes of movies each month) who gave up on their land-line ADSL to rely only on their iPhone Internet's connection.

The tethering thing it's a provider thing.


Comment: Re:Answers (Score 3, Insightful) 671

by yivi (#31070214) Attached to: The iPad Questions Apple Won't Answer

Can you save and transfer documents to the iPad?

Most likely.

More than "most likely". It's been said that the iPad has a "partition" that will be visible as removable storage from the computer, and accessible to all iPad applications.

Does the iPad support Microsoft Exchange email?

Not likely.

Why no? iPhone/iPod Touch support it, and this is still iPhone OS.

Does the iPad support VPN and configuration management?

Not likely.

Same as the last one.

Can the iPad be used for videoconferencing?

There is no camera.

Has the people making these questions read/heard anything at all about the iPad? I mean, there are unanswered questions, but most of the questions of the list only made sense a couple weeks ago... before the keynote.


Comment: Re:Makes me wonder... (Score 1) 509

by yivi (#31060298) Attached to: Paypal Reverses Payments Made To Indians

Newer ATMs (I have only found a couple here in Madrid, both belonging to La Caixa) count money in real-time, so the deposit gets credited in immediately in your account. Another bonus is that there is no need for an envelope (yay trees!).

If the machine can't read your money for whatever reason, it just spits it out.

Comment: Re:wrong assumption (Score 1) 419

by yivi (#30475550) Attached to: Google Says Ad Blockers Will Save Online Ads

Man, I browse /. with sigs disabled/hidden, so I had missed the Lemura Skies thing. Because you mentioned it I had to do a search to see what the fuzz was about.

Because of you, there is tab back there with who knows what kind of result. And I'm afraid to go to that tab, and at the same time I really, really want to.

I fear I'll be disappointed though...


Free Software For All Russian Schools In Jeopardy 265

Posted by kdawson
from the borg-not-taking-it-lying-down dept.
Glyn Moody writes "Last year, we discussed here a Russian plan to install free software in all its schools. Seems things aren't going so well. Funds for the project have been cut back, some of the free software discs already sent out were faulty, and — inevitably — Microsoft has agreed to a 'special price' for Windows XP used in Russian schools."

Blinding speed can compensate for a lot of deficiencies. -- David Nichols