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Comment Everythink worked fine here! (Score 2, Informative) 529

I have an old Dell c640 laptop and everything works fine after the latest upgrade, from dapper to edgy. The same happened when I upgraded from breezy to dapper. I don't know, but maybe I was lucky. What people should understand is that upgrading the whole operating system is not an easy case. The fact that something probably will go wrong must be expected. It is like resizing your partitions, but you have not kept any backups. If you have a production quality system an upgrade is realized only when it is necessary. I know that when an operating system supports a functionality like the upgrade-manager it should work as it supposed to work, but when an upgrade is performed on the very first day, definitely, there will be unresolved issues because the product has not been tested exhaustively. That is, thousands of people downloaded the RC version but probably, hundreds of thousands have tried the latest version when it was released. Everyone is complaining that EDGY is not a major upgrade and it has nothing to show but here is what I found: - Now my IPOD works fine with Rhythmbox (songs can be deleted from and uploaded to the device) - Some bugs (that were affecting my every day work) in Evolution have been resolved - QT libraries have been updated. Try now to use keepassx (the open source password manager). Its interface is great. - I had some rendering issues with Google Earth. Every time I had to maximize and minimize it in order to work properly. Now everything is fine. - I have noticed that a lot of applications have been upgraded to their latest versions: Gaim, VLC player(0.86). - XEN is supposed to work more easily in edgy. I have not tried it yet, but it has been in included in apt-get and there is an article in the wiki. - Boot up time has been reduced. ... and probably other people will find out that there more and more optimizations.

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