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+ - Opiate Maintenance Treatment is a Tale of Two Cultures->

Submitted by yincrash
yincrash (854885) writes "Opiate maintenance treatment is a tale of two cultures. People who can afford Suboxone get to keep their addiction private. People who are restricted to methadone clinics pay the price of stigma. Experts generally agree that Suboxone is more effective than methadone, but not by much. Studies have found that the recommended dose of Suboxone is better than low-dose methadone, but no better than high-dose. Yet methadone poses a greater risk of overdose and is easier to abuse. All things being equal, therefore, Suboxone is the preferred treatment. But all things are not equal, and most unequal is a patient's ability to pay."
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+ - How to become informed in judicial elections? 1

Submitted by
yincrash writes "Today I've been looking up information on local elections and have found it virtually impossible to determine information on judicial elections, both with regards to information on the candidate, and what makes a good judge. Is there a good way to find information on these candidates? seems to agree that this is basically an impossible task. What do slashdotters do in an information vacuum? Just abstain from voting? Write-in something in protest?"

+ - New dual-pivot quicksort is has 20% less swaps tha->

Submitted by
yincrash writes "A new quicksort has been created that is 20% faster than previous implementations. The creator, Vladimir Yaroslavskiy, is proposing replacing the existing Java implementation and has proofs and a full description available on his website. Gillette is rumored to be announcing a three-pivot quicksort soon."
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United States

+ - Rep. and Dem. don't make Texas ballot deadlines

Submitted by yincrash
yincrash (854885) writes "Republicans and Democrats haven't apparently failed to meet Ballot deadlines in Texas of 5pm August 26th.

According to documents obtained by the Barr campaign, neither John McCain nor Barack Obama complied with Texas Election Code 192.031, which requires that filings must be submitted "before 5 p.m. of the 70th day before presidential Election Day," listing the "names of the party's nominees for president and vice-president."

Some websites are reporting that the Tex. Secretary of State somehow ended up eventually 'finding' the paperwork after the deadline. Bob Barr is threatening to sue, but I'd wager that the law will be changed retroactively by the state gov't.

Do you think there is a double standard?"


+ - Free Taco Day

Submitted by
yincrash writes "Today is free taco day. Taco Bell decided to be nasty and make it a time when everyone is at work.

I know I've scheduled my break for a free taco though, have you?

Go to taco bell between 2-5 today for a free 50ct taco! Yum."

+ - Sony Kills Lik-Sang

Submitted by yincrash
yincrash (854885) writes "Lik-Sang has put up the Out of Business sign. They are wrapping up all loose ends and no longer taking any new orders, due to the lawsuits Sony has been throwing down in Europe. In London specifically, the High Court declared Lik-Sang's sale of PSP illegal. Where am I going to get my imports now??"

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