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Comment: Re:Slashkos (Score 1) 1053

by ygfperson (#29138527) Attached to: US Life Expectancy May Have Peaked

3. The welfare state, Progressivism's compromise between full blown socialism and the old Classical Liberalism they are seeking always to supplant. Bring up a kid watching mom walk to the mailbox on the first of the month and you can forget em seeing the value of getting an education and a job.

Welfare pays very little per month.

Comment: Re:Ugh! (Score 1) 347

by ygfperson (#28748985) Attached to: Consumers May Find Smart Appliances a Dumb Idea
That article doesn't have much to do with smart appliances. The governor was placed on the guy's electric meter because he didn't pay his bills. Also, they never shut off his gas, but his furnance might have also needed electricity to function. Here's the article I got the information from:

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