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+ - Woman sues Google for bad directions->

Submitted by yeshuawatso
yeshuawatso (1774190) writes "A woman has filed suit against Google for providing her faulty walking directions that led to her being hit by a vehicle.The woman used her Blackberry to get walking directions that led her to an area "not reasonably safe for pedestrians," according to the lawsuit. The woman is seeking $100,000 in damages for unspecified "severe" injuries and lost wages in addition to punitive damages. I guess no one taught her how to look both ways."
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+ - Android ported to the iPhone->

Submitted by yeshuawatso
yeshuawatso (1774190) writes "There seems to be nothing Android can't run on with a little work. planetbeing, from the iPhone Dev Team, has been working on getting Linux on the iPhone working for a while and now reports, with a video demonstration, Android running on the iPhone 2G. While not 100% bug free (like any software), the basics (touch, call, text, net) seems to be operational. No word on the accelerometer or GPS functioning but this is the first build. You can download the source here or here with instructions on getting your old jailbroken iPhone dual-booting Android."
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