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+ - Hiring IT personell as personal assistants->

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yelirekim writes: "I'm currently working a job at a medium sized financial services company and have found myself catering more and more towards developing applications to increase the efficiency of tasks performed by specific employees within our company. All in all it's a pretty good gig and allows me flex my programming muscles without holing up for days on end and cranking out code, I'm in pretty regular contact with many people here, and I've found that what I can provide them makes their jobs significantly easier.

I'll be moving to a different city soon, and am currently applying for jobs. I had this crazy idea that I would probably make a pretty good personal assistant to someone who has an extremely high workload. From my perspective, it makes a lot more sense to hire an assistant who can automate the organization (and in some cases completion) of the tasks / communications you have to deal with, instead of just administering or performing those tasks or communications. In any case, my question to Slashdot is: do you think that I'll have any success obtaining a position like this, does anyone else work a similar gig?"

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