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Comment: No More fires! The West is burning. (Score 1) 89

by yayoubetcha (#47973853) Attached to: Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

I hiked the PCT this year. I climb mountains, and I just got back from the Sawtooth Wilderness. Campfires should not be used any more. The West is burning. Frankly, this year's PCT permit application says not to use anything but a canister stove, and suggests not even using a stove.

In all the times, all the nights, I've been backpacking I have started campfires on only a couple of occasions for safety. Both were done to dry out soaking wet clothes and prevent hypothermia. Fires for *real* safety is good, for socialization, fires should be permanently suspended.

Yes, it is fun to sit around and chat around a campfire. However, just take a look at what is happening out there for forest fires (

Comment: More accidents after texting law passed in CO. (Score 1) 364

by yayoubetcha (#47871771) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

Colorado passed an anti-texting law. Cop sees you texting and she can pull you over. Result? Instead of operating the phone at the top or over of the steering wheel, people didn't want to get a ticket. So, they moved their devices to their laps. Accident rates went up as a result. Doh!

Comment: The Google Approach: Release early/often (Score 1) 548

Most of my career I was oriented towards extremely high quality products where validation and verification is extraordinarily important such as producing a microprocessor (recalls are just too expensive). A high degree of precision is needed for that. If I were producing a website for a local auto repair shop, well, if it looks weird on IE-9 ... meh... maybe I'll fix it.

Take a look at the Kickstarter project They wanted everything. Yes, this would be a cool device with GPS, built in FRS, digital relay, weather radio, solar panel, e-paper display, on and on... They are more than one year late, with no end, (really) in sight (but they now have a GANTT chart, so there!).

If I were doing that product, it would be an Android tablet with GPS, built in topo SW for the US and an e-paper display with a removable battery. A decent version 1.0. Then in 2.0 and a solar panel to the back side. For 3.0 add the weather radio. The, 4.0, add FRS, etc. (with FRS now, you need to transmit, which has a higher bar than all prev. generations).

So, to summarize in the most basic idea of programming or engineering: "KISS" -- although, I like to say make the development as simple as needed, but no simpler.

Comment: Two engineers, one hour, and a pencil (Score 3, Funny) 160

by yayoubetcha (#47680755) Attached to: The Flight of Gifted Engineers From NASA

I worked (VRTX kernel contractor) at Rocketdyne on a NASA contract to build a robot which welded the Space Shuttle Main Engine. Because of strict government regulations I was walked over to a building that took 15 minutes to get to; filled out a requisition form; waited 1/2 hour; received my pencil; walked back to my desk with my escort and my pencil.

I was offered a permanent job with Rocketdyne. Although it was cool to work with rocket scientists, I declined the offer.

Comment: You gotta see the girls of Gaza Strip! (Score 1) 419

by yayoubetcha (#47679917) Attached to: Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

It is true you are more likely to die in US traffic accident than to be killed in a terrorism attack in Israel. I've investigated the numbers and it is indeed true.

A side note... My wife and I were returning to Tel Aviv in 2012 when the Palestinians began bombing. We rode a bus with a bunch of young men and women soldiers all armed with automatic weapons from Eilat. They all got off at Be'er Sheva (on way towards Gaza). We continued on to Tel Aviv without incident. Most bombs in that incident ended up hitting sand in the desert.

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