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Comment: 1 paid app: Backcountry Navigator app $9.99 (Score 3, Interesting) 240

by yayoubetcha (#46707777) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

This is the only app I have purchased. It allows me to have maps with my GPS with no cell coverage. They have a bunch of in-app purchases of premium maps, but the free ones seem to do everything I need.

This is a very useful app in that it really turns your smartphone into a backcountry GPS like Garmin.

Paid for it once, and it installs on my $25 VirginMobile LG Optimus 5 - which I have never activated as a cell-phone. It really is a $25 GPS with a WIFI Browser, Camera, etc.; It also is installed at no extra fee on my Moto G, and Nexus 7.

Comment: Best Episodes explore "consequences", the worst .. (Score 1) 512

by yayoubetcha (#46615243) Attached to: Why <em>Darmok</em> Is a Good <em>Star Trek: TNG</em> Episode

The worst feature Troi, The Doctor, The Kid, Jordi's love life, and where "magic" is involved.

There is an episode in the last season where Jordi and Ro get "cloaked" by a Romulan device and they can pass through walls and tables, but for some reason cannot drop through the floor... wtf?? Here's a couple more:

They breath the same air and can speak to each other, but rest of the crew cannot hear them? WTF?
Jordi pigs out on food at the end of the episode because he hasn't eaten for two days, but they both remained hydrated somehow for that time?

Ultimately, the episodes that are good, are the ones that explore "consequence": Family, Inner Light, Preemptive Strike. Tapestry, Yesterday's Enterprise, etc.

My wife and I watch about 10 minutes of STTNG some late evenings, every few weeks, to help bore us to sleep .. it works! Better than Aunt Audele's warm milk.

Comment: Chromebooks/Boxes is Google's Linux Initiative (Score 1) 103

by yayoubetcha (#46476123) Attached to: Tested: Asus Chromebox Based On Haswell Core i3

Google has been experiencing great market attention to it's Chromebooks. They had the best selling laptop on Amazon this past Christmas. Why?

1) People are buying them as "safe" easy to maintain platforms for performing "browser" based tasks without the (much) threat of OS attacks.
2) I bought one for my Mom who only uses a browser. She loves it. And there are fewer worries about "infections" of malware and the sort.
3) Google KNOWS many of us buy these cheap laptops (Acer's $199 c720 - very nice for the $$) and others for use with Linux. They encourage it. Some of the instructions on how to put Linux onto it come directly from Google.

Why does Google encourage us Linux-heads to buy their cheap box and put Linux on it? It helps them create credibility in the market by selling more Chromebooks. I'd wager to bet that their Chromebook sales would be at least half (remember 44.7% of stats are made up) if not for us Linux-geeks.

Computer manufacturers don't like Linux in general. They cannot simply download and install Ubuntu and slap a "for sale" sticker on it and go. Nope. There is software engineering from the BIOS (EFI), ACPI, and validation and verification. All very costly aspects. My speculation is that El Goog is tied-in closely to the computer OEM's SW-eng design loop taking up slack with V&V too.

One day, when Google has achieved OS Dark Overload status, they may remove the Linux capability. Until then it's win-win.

Comment: The 20TB is the back-up (from ThePirateBay) (Score 1) 983

by yayoubetcha (#46464181) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

Your "friend" does not need a back-up. Your "friend" has the back-up. Go back to the original source where your "friend" got the data in the first place: The Pirate Bay.

Pssst... by the way, my "friend" has these red bumps on his shaft. Do you think they'll go away soon? My "friend" is very concerned.

Comment: Verizon: Was $35 for 3GB now $60 (Score 1) 273

by yayoubetcha (#46446269) Attached to: WSJ: Americans' Phone Bills Are Going Up

A couple years ago, I got a MIFI device from Verizon. I was paying $35/mo for 3GB of data. It was a decent price at the time, but I still realized that I just wasn't using mobile data. I then cancelled my service.

Now, I took a look at the V again because of their new promotion about more for less! I see that 3GB of data is now $60/month for a MIFI type device.

They should change their slogan to "Get more for more!"

Comment: Re:I cut my cable bill by 100% (Score 1) 206

by yayoubetcha (#46376017) Attached to: How I Cut My Time Warner Cable Bill By 33%

My Comcast bill was creeping up, and up. I called and asked if there was a lower rate, even a lower speed would be okay. They quoted me a service that was 6Mbps for $34/month. I took it. It has been a year now, and they have not lowered my speed. Actually, my speed increased a month later from 20Mbps to 30Mbps, and I am still getting 30Mbps+- a year later all for the (hidden from sales material) entry class service rate.

My wife and I each have GV accounts. We use a daily plan with verizon with our cell. When we get a call to our GV number, the cell phone rings, but we don't answer the cell phone, we only answer it and talk with GV (FYI, Google Voice rings all phones associated with the account simultaneously). We do not get charged the daily rate with Verizon because we never answered the call with the cell phone (basic flip phone with "text" disabled).

The GV Quality with a headset is, frankly, quite excellent. It is far clearer than land-line in my experience (YMMV). So, we don't pay for high quality phone calls at all.

We use the cell phone as a 'mobile phone', perhaps, 50 times a year, so our cell phone costs about $100/year, GV is free, and our 30Mbps Internet is $34/month.

Comment: Re:Old cellphones get passed down to me (Score 1) 171

by yayoubetcha (#46212381) Attached to: Old cellphones, in my household ...

Yes to GSM phones. T-mo has a good daily plan for us who do not use the cell phone too frequently.

I am getting a prepaid flip-phone from Verizon for my PCT hike-through next month. Can't beat V's coverage. T-mo is good for about any small city ore larger, but out in the "sticks", it's gotta be V.

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