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Comment It works (Score 1) 1880

Windows always works for me. If I download a program, I know that I'm not going to have to worry about any incompatibility. If I plug in my Wacom tablet and many other devices, I know there's a good chance Windows 7 already has a driver. If it's not built in, the manufacturer's website will surely have it. I rarely have issues with my Windows install, let alone any kind of virus that so many people speak of. Yeah a license for Windows might be costly, but it's worth it. Granted, I do occasionally get a discount on Windows for working in retail, but I would still pay the full price if I was building a new system. In addition to being able to play games.

Comment Re:This might be the answer to the Kill Switch (Score 1) 175

Those satellites have to connect to the backbone on land somehow. I'm sure it'd be much easier for the government to pressure or forcefully terminate the connection to the backbone as opposed to knocking the satellite from the sky and having to deal with additional space debris.

Snails On Methamphetamine 93

sciencehabit writes "Science answers the question: What happens when you put a snail on speed? From the article: 'The results suggest that meth improves memory, something that has been previously observed in creatures with large, complex brains like rats and humans. But since the snails store their memories in a simple, three-neuron network, the team hopes that studying the meth effect in these gastropods will help pinpoint how the drug's memory magnification powers work.'"

Comment It's called a recession? (Score 0) 496

During a recession, some people make cutbacks on non-essential needs [Game consoles for example], so why is this at all surprising?
When thousands of people lose their jobs, are they going to continue to spend money on expensive purchases like game consoles and the accessories and games that go with them?
Of course not.

Going the speed of light is bad for your age.