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by yarbo (#45622795) Attached to: Obama Praises NSA But Promises To Rein It In

GSM encryption is terrible, TLS is terrible (Mac-then-encrypt, terrible cipher suites, rollback attacks, GCM implemented incorrectly), IPSec is incredibly convoluted and offers many broken modes (encrypt-only), NIST suite B ECC has fishy constants, AES has horrible side channel attacks in software that allow key recovery from other virtual machines, SHA-3 will have a reduced security level compared to the standard for the sake of 'efficiency'...

Don't think that just because Dual EC-DRBG is obviously bad that all attempts to weaken cryptography will be equally obvious.

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by yarbo (#44527417) Attached to: NZ Professor Advocates Civil Disobedience Against Mass Surveillance
I was at dozens in multiple cities. I did street theater, I participated GAs, I did direct action, I marched, I protested, I sang. I was on the wrong end of a baton, a boot to the solar plexus, a cloud of tear gas, and I've gotten a face full of pepper spray. I was quoted (anonymously) in news articles. I was on a committee, I had an affinity group.
There were many, many people. Sometimes 60k. No one told them what the right and wrong reasons were to be there. People were there because the systems in place did not serve or represent them. For some, that was because the police and prisons were tearing apart their families and communities, for others, it was because their 401k got wiped out.
As you should be able to infer, the people who lost their jobs and their homes are going to protest differently from the teenagers whose school got closed down. The people who just got out of college with massive debt are going to protest differently from the parents with kids.
No one was interested in telling people they were there for the wrong reasons, because nearly without exception, people weren't. People smashing windows had good reason to do so, and people doing building occupations had good reason to do so. The media, the police, and the people on the outside generally couldn't understand because it was different than what they know and understand. Politicians who made their career from coming to rallies couldn't understand people covering their faces because to them, protesting was about building a resume or street cred. The media wasn't used to dealing with people who didn't like them or who didn't want to talk to them. Outsiders couldn't understand why people just didn't want to vote some new 3rd party in.

That doesn't mean there wasn't a structure, that doesn't mean there wasn't a message, that doesn't mean it was incoherent. There were a number of threads pulling people together that weren't apparent in the first 15 minutes and might not have been apparent after a whole 2 protests. They were there and they're still there.
The police in SF vary, there are ~2,000. I've seen some people who seemed like nice people, at least at the moment. I've also seen some that took great glee in beating people. I've seen some that will look like one at one moment and the other the next moment. You've got to watch out for the 99% of cops that make the rest look bad.

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That's not how it works at all, it allows you to express a higher amount of strength. If you take it, and don't increase the weight lifted, then perhaps you'll experience a lower training effect, but no one trains like that, they amp up the weight.

You're confusing lactate and lactic acid. You might want to go hit the books again.

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by yarbo (#44378939) Attached to: NSA Utah Data Center Blueprints Reveal It Holds Less Than Thought
Did the author of the summary read the article? The article for some reason mentions individualized video feeds for every American which is unrealistic and nothing like the sort of thing anyone has said the NSA is recording. 12,000 PB is far, far larger than the 272 PB estimated to hold all US domestic phone calls for a year, plus the foreign and international calls (which people forgot the NSA captures).

I recommend people read the description of the problem of archiving phone calls (TL;DR 272 PB) and DJB's article on cryptanalysis (PDF) (TL;DR NSA isn't stupid).

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One vegetarian who takes supplements does not invalidate the lifestyle any more than an obese non-vegetarian invalidates that lifestyle.

I was vegan for 7 years and did not take vitamin supplements. I was a powerlifter with a full time job. I've been vegetarian for 12 years now and have been a professional acrobat, amateur gymnast, avid social dancer, and competing powerlifter. I started doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu heavily recently.

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Creatine improves memory performance in vegetarians. It is something that is found in certain types of muscle that meat eaters eat so if you're arguing against creatine, you're an idiot. Improving the intensity of your workout will lead to long term gains whether or not you continue taking supplements or eating meat. Creatine monohydrate is one of the most effective legal supplements, it's dirt cheap, tasteless, and it works.

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I'd have to say that when I spent hours in cuffs after being arrested at a political demonstration, I was very jealous of the guy next to me who had released himself from the zip ties. When we arrived at the jail, he just handed the flex cuffs to the deputy and nothing unique happened to him that didn't happen to everyone else. I had tingling in my pinkies for an hour or so.

Under certain circumstances, de-arrest is possible, which could be a vast improvement in your situation.

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