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Comment: Either click bait or incredibly short sighted (Score 2) 594

by yankeessuck (#48292153) Attached to: Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For
The entire argument is that Virgin Galactic doesn't push the boundaries so it's not worth doing and that is a huge steaming pile of BS. Why should astronauts be the only ones able to go to space? Wouldn't it be great if someday we could have safe and affordable suborbital flights available to ordinary people? Is there seriously really no value in achieving that goal? I'm actually thrilled a bunch of millionaires are ok with subsidizing this research and experiments.

Comment: It's a solution for an imaginary problem (Score 1) 404

by yankeessuck (#46899073) Attached to: Rand Paul Suggests Backing Bitcoin With Stocks
Are there any major currencies that are actually back by assets with so-called intrinsic value? Doubtful. And even one would want to do that, the ideal asset would have as low risk as possible which stocks clearly are not. Also, he could easily set up Paulcoin to try for himself.

Comment: Company is too big (Score 1) 477

by yankeessuck (#45082713) Attached to: HP CEO Meg Whitman To Employees: No More Telecommuting For You
How can a blanket policy like this work for a company of their size and business and geographic diversity? Some divisions/offices will see some improved productivity while others will have destructive interference. Good luck breaking even on this. OTOH, if they want to trim headcount then mission accomplished.

Comment: Affects single player too (Score 0) 102

by yankeessuck (#45027279) Attached to: GTA Online Runs Into an Online Roadblock
The game has a stock exchange whose price movements are affected not only by your actions locally but by other players' actions globally. Needless to say, trading and obtaining price quotes requires a connection to the GTA servers. Interesting idea but you that money is locked up if you can't connect to the servers. I stupidly had invested everything in this market and couldn't pull out the money I needed to complete a mission. It did come back online after an hour but it'll be a while before I do that again.

Comment: Re:Consortium (Score 1) 149

by yankeessuck (#44927595) Attached to: BlackBerry Will Sell Itself For $4.7 Billion
Probably a couple of Canadian pension funds according to the WSJ. That combination would be plenty to fund this small of a deal. They don't need to bring in tech companies unless someone overpays to lock up assets and avoid a bidding war on the open market. Thinking ahead a little, patents and real assets are pretty obvious but the brand could be interesting. A Chinese OEM might think big and buy the brand (sort of like Lenovo and IBM). Maybe a little crazier, BB might be trying to force the hand of a potential white knight but there's not a whole lot of value for a strategic buyer when they can just bid on the parts without inheriting the rest of the crap.

Comment: Different experience here (Score 1) 597

by yankeessuck (#43918133) Attached to: Why Your Users Hate Agile

I (as an architect/developer) and my business users love agile. For me, it's all about identifying requirement changes ASAP to minimize rework. Would you rather a requirement change before you work on it or after? The user thinks they know what they want but it's so abstract as a bunch of thoughts in their mind that they can't possibly identify every detail. But put a tangible product in front of them and a lot of what they want changes. It's inevitable.

So for me, I want the user to see the work ASAP so we can proactively identify these changes before we've wasted a bunch of time doing the wrong stuff. Our users totally bought in so it's like having one day iterations instead of the two weeks that we had before. I suppose YMMV with the user and technical team.

Comment: Re:Developers hate Agile too (Score 1) 597

by yankeessuck (#43917613) Attached to: Why Your Users Hate Agile

but you know what's real fun? that the guy who is supposed to handle the roadblock isn't even at the meeting. at the daily meeting you're supposed to find out then who the fuck might be the guy who's responsibility it would be to get that other team in some other ivory tower to remove the roadblock.

Which is why somebody else is supposed to step up and assume their responsibility temporarily. It's the exact same thing that would happen in any other methodology.

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