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Comment Government (Score 1) 430

I work for a state university and as part of the state government, our salaries are subject to open records laws.
The student newspaper publishes an entire section every year listing the pay of all ~10,000 employees.
Keep salary info private? That edition has the best reading of the year!

Submission NIST to offer Accelerometer Calibration Service->

yakatz writes: While your games probably don't require this level of accuracy, the use of super-accurate accelerometers is growing in the Internet-of-Things. The US National Institutes of Standards and Technology is getting ready to offer a new calibration service, sensitive enough to detect motion over distances as small as a few nanometers and frequencies up to 50,000 Hz.
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Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 205

As for the "pull down mirror", that isn't even remotely new technology. Other vehicles have had those for a decade or more. But of course because America - and the American media especially - love Toyota with a great passion, we regard it as a technological marvel.

Toyota has had it also. Not sure why this implies it is new.

Comment Re:Not an inherent problem. (Score 2) 18

Agreed. Not sure why this is news, or honestly, why it is worthy of being published at all. This is part of the design and if people choose to login even after - the as the example says - Google or Facebook OAuth prompt says You are sending the following information to this site: (as those login methods do), that is their own problem.

Submission White House "Responds" to "Deport Justin Bieber" Petition->

An anonymous reader writes: In a highly political message, the White House announced that they would decline to respond to a petition with more than a quarter of a million signatures on its We the people website asking the United States to deport Justin Bieber. This was prompted by his alcohol-fueled drag race in Florida in January.

While this story is not particularly noteworthy from a technology perspective, what does it say about government attempting to be more open? The White House says they will respond to any petition with more than 100,000 signatures, but only in the fine-print does it say that their response might not be a response to the issue at all.

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Comment Re:Credible Source? (Score 1) 186

I am involved with several organizations that are members of Google Grants. As long as you meet the eligibility guidelines (when we applied, you were not automatically accepted if you were a 501(c)(3), but it could have changed), they give you the same benefits.

Google recently renamed the program: It used to be called "Google Grants" and you would get all the benefits at once. It appears that you now need to request each one only if you plan to use it.

Submission Dyn (formerly DynDNS) Discontinues Free Service

yakatz writes: Several years ago Dyn cut back significantly on their free Dynamic DNS service. In an email sent to users today, Dyn announced that the service will be ending on May 7th.

The full email:

To our Dyn free hostname users:

For the last 15 years, all of us at Dyn have taken pride in offering you and millions of others a free version of our Dynamic DNS Pro product. What was originally a product built for a small group of users has blossomed into an exciting technology used around the world.

That is why with mixed emotions we are notifying you that in 30 days, we will be ending our free hostname program. This change in the business will allow us to invest in our customer support teams, Internet infrastructure, and platform security so that we can continue to strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our paying customers.

We would like to invite you to upgrade to VIP status for less than $20 — a 25% discount good for any package of Remote Access (formerly DynDNS Pro). By doing so, you'll have access to customer support, additional hostnames, and more.

Here's how you get this done in two easy steps:

— Login to
— Click here to add Remote Access to your cart at the 25% off VIP rate. The discount will be applied upon checkout.

We thank you for your usage of Dyn through the years, and hope to continue to support you through Dyn Remote Access or other products for years to come. Visit our FAQ page or this blog post for more information.

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