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+ - Dell offers Ubuntu and RHEL OS options on Precision laptops->

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "Dell is offering pre-installed Linux OS choices on their Precision M4800 laptops. The options available are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and RHEL 6.4. For the Ubuntu option, the price drops by $100 compared to Windows. This is a high end machine with QHD+ display (3200x1800, 16:9) display, up to 64GB RAM, and optional optical bay hard drive. Here's your chance to show support using your wallet!"
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Comment: Re:Summary is wrong wrong wrong (Score 1) 195

by yahyamf (#45700865) Attached to: Google Makes It Harder For Marketers To Collect User Data
It would be interesting if Google would hash the images and replace the image URL with a comon one per hash that is stripped of tracking info and shared by all users who got the same hashed image in their mail. It would even reduce storage requirements as the images would get deduplicated.

Comment: Re:Let's DMCA the pants of this guy! (Score 1) 171

by yahyamf (#43853185) Attached to: Canon DSLR Hack Allows It To Shoot RAW Video
Canon support is really good. True story - I had a canon A70 that I left inside a car in probably 160F heat during a Dubai summer. All the photos it took after that were all washed out white except one corner where some of the image showed through. I took it to the local Canon service center for repair. The camera was purchased in the US and was out of warranty. I got it back in a week fully repaired and at 0 cost. All my cameras since then have been Canons.

+ - Flat lens focuses without distortion->

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "Applied physicists at the Harvard have created an ultrathin, flat lens that focuses light without the distortions of conventional lenses.

“Our flat lens opens up a new type of technology,” says principal investigator Federico Capasso. “We’re presenting a new way of making lenses. Instead of creating phase delays as light propagates through the thickness of the material, you can create an instantaneous phase shift right at the surface of the lens. It’s extremely exciting.”"

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+ - Hackers Dump Millions of Records of CIA, Banks, Politicians->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "TeamGhostShell, a team linked with the infamous group Anonymous, is claiming that they have hacked some major US institutions including the likes of CIA, major banking institutions, accounts of politicians and has posted those details online. The dumps comprising of millions of accounts has been let loose on the web by the hacking collective. The motivation behind the hack, the group claims, is to protest against banks, politicians and the hackers who have been captured by law enforcement agencies."
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+ - Application Development is a $9 Billion Industry->

Submitted by
CowboyRobot writes "Although not as lucrative as video games or movies, Gartner projects the software application development industry to pass the US$9 Billion mark this year. They credit "evolving software delivery models, new development methodologies, emerging mobile application development, and open source software". Also in the report is a projection that "mobile application development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4:1 by 2015.""
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+ - Smartphone recommendation for a former N900 user?

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "My N900 recently broke and I'm looking for a replacement. The N9 looks great, despite not having a keyboard, but it seems that it will not have as many packages and developer interest as the N900. The iPhone is not an option as a matter of principle. I've never used Android before, and am a bit bewildered by the number of choices. Is there any particular phone the Slashdot crowd would recommend as a worthy replacement for the N900 both in functionality and spirit? Or should I wait for Tizen phones to appear?"

+ - Advice on software for running a small library

Submitted by
yahyamf writes "I've been asked to help setup software for managing a small library at a non-profit school in the middle-east for under-privileged children. The library has about 5000 books and will be run mostly by student workers. The requirements are low cost, ease of use and maintenance, and support for Arabic and English. Barcode printing and scanning capabilities would be great as well. I've looked briefly at koha, but is there anything else out there (both hardware and software) slashdotters can recommend?"

Comment: No need to block everyone (Score 1) 107

by yahyamf (#33502296) Attached to: The Gaping Holes In the UAE's Net Firewall
The UAE authorities know very well that they cannot block everyone. Even with the "gaping holes" in their firewalls, I won't be surprised if they block more that 90% of the local population from accessing restricted sites. That's probably good enough for them. The effort required to block the remaining 10% would be too high and not worth it.

+ - Giant buses in China that cars can drive under->

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "One Chinese company has proposed new buses that are so big they straddle the road, while cars drive beneath them. Designers at Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd say that these behemoth buses solve a number of issues in one fell swoop, and would result in fewer traffic jams, less emissions, and faster travel.

These buses are actually being put into pilot use shortly. They should make their debut in Beijingâ½âsÂâs Mentougou district, where work is to commence on the first 186km of track at yearâ½âsÂâs end.

Each of the jumbo buses will measure 4 to 4.5 meters high, with passengers aboard the upper level and other vehicles lower than 2 meters going under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can carry 1,200 to 1,400 passengers at a time."

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SolarPHP 1.0 Released 125

Posted by timothy
from the something-new-under-the-sun dept.
HvitRavn writes "SolarPHP 1.0 stable was released by Paul M. Jones today. SolarPHP is an application framework and library, and is a serious contender alongside Zend Framework, Symphony, and similar frameworks. SolarPHP has in the recent years been the cause of heated debate in the PHP community due to provocative benchmark results posted on Paul M. Jones' blog."

64-Bit Flash Player For Linux Finally In Alpha 172

Posted by Soulskill
from the new-and-shiny dept.
Luchio writes "Finally, a little bit of respect from Adobe with this alpha release of the Adobe Flash Player 10 that was made available for all Linux 64-bit enthusiasts! As noted, 'this is a prerelease version,' so handle with care. Just remove any existing Flash player and extract the new .so file in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (or /usr/lib/opera/plugins)."
Open Source

Linux Kernel 2.6.32 Released 195

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the download-compile-reboot-repeat dept.
diegocg writes "Linus Torvalds has officially released the version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. New features include virtualization memory de-duplication, a rewrite of the writeback code faster and more scalable, many important Btrfs improvements and speedups, ATI R600/R700 3D and KMS support and other graphic improvements, a CFQ low latency mode, tracing improvements including a 'perf timechart' tool that tries to be a better bootchart, soft limits in the memory controller, support for the S+Core architecture, support for Intel Moorestown and its new firmware interface, run-time power management support, and many other improvements and new drivers. See the full changelog for more details."

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