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+ - Dell offers Ubuntu and RHEL OS options on Precision laptops->

Submitted by yahyamf
yahyamf (751776) writes "Dell is offering pre-installed Linux OS choices on their Precision M4800 laptops. The options available are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and RHEL 6.4. For the Ubuntu option, the price drops by $100 compared to Windows. This is a high end machine with QHD+ display (3200x1800, 16:9) display, up to 64GB RAM, and optional optical bay hard drive. Here's your chance to show support using your wallet!"
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Comment: Re:I think it is three things (Score 1) 166

by sesshomaru (#46859347) Attached to: China Censors "The Big Bang Theory" and Other Streaming Shows

I watched a single episode of The Big Bang Theory. It was about a "Magic the Gathering"-esque contest between Will Wheaton (as himself) and Horrible Geek Guy (Sheldon?). It was obvious that none of the writers on the show had the faintest idea about how Collectible Card Games worked, just knew they were something competitive that gross nerds did. Seriously, the portrayal of a CCG was embarrassingly bad, kind of like that CSI Miami episode about Grand Theft Auto. (I'll admit, it didn't posit any theories that CCGs would cause you to go on a killing spree, but if you have to be a person like that Bazinga guy, why wouldn't you?)

Anyway, Horrible Geek Guy gets his comeuppance for liking Star Trek and Collectible Card Games, so I guess justice was finally well-served to all those awful nerds out there.

Who's up for a game of racket-ball or golf?

Comment: Re:Summary is wrong wrong wrong (Score 1) 195

by yahyamf (#45700865) Attached to: Google Makes It Harder For Marketers To Collect User Data
It would be interesting if Google would hash the images and replace the image URL with a comon one per hash that is stripped of tracking info and shared by all users who got the same hashed image in their mail. It would even reduce storage requirements as the images would get deduplicated.

Nothing happens.