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Comment: Re:What patent laws really need (Score 0) 175

by yada21 (#26728495) Attached to: Bilski Patent Case Appealed To Supreme Court

Imagine you were sent to work abroad for two year's but you dont want to clear your house out to rent it and you're allowance covers that you don't need to. Would you accept a use or lose clause on your house? thought not: I guess communism is a good when it's other people's property being 'redistributed'. Your a dispicable piece of shit.

Comment: Re:I'd go the other way, personally (Score 1, Insightful) 614

by yada21 (#26724229) Attached to: Software Piracy At the Beijing Branch Office?

I have around 300,000 dollars socked away, and therefore I'm in good shape even though I was laid off. If I had been like the typical American, with around 100 grand in debt, I'd be screwed.

Just wait. when they decide to inflate all the debt away you're saving's wont be worth anything either. you'll wish you spent it on fast cars and loose women and gambling or even just wasted it. At least you'd have some memory's.

Comment: Re:Critical thinking anyone? (Score 0) 374

by yada21 (#26666897) Attached to: India Will Show Its $10 Laptop Prototype

You'd be a moron to say that they'll never have a device like this for $10.

I say that and Im not a moron.

Dew to the fiat currency scam by the time they can make it for 10 dollars. say one year frm now. then 10 dollars will be like 200 today. 10 will maybe buy you a cup of coffee or the sugar to put in it.

The Almighty Buck

What Tech Workers Need To Know About Overtime 418

Posted by kdawson
from the exercising-independent-judgment dept.
onehitwonder writes "The class-action lawsuit that current and former Apple employees have filed against the company raises questions about what kinds of workers are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — and thus, what kinds of workers are eligible for overtime pay. Some tech workers are covered under it; some are not though perhaps they should be. The lawyer who got IBM workers a $65M settlement from Big Blue for violating labor laws explains why employers often deny tech workers overtime pay and the circumstances under which certain tech workers may or may not be covered under the FLSA. From the article: 'It's not uncommon for employers to err on the side of classifying employees as exempt [from the FLSA], says Sagafi... In fact, the dirty little secret among employers and HR departments is that classifying employees as exempt — even if it means breaking the law — is in their best interest[,] provided... that they don't get caught... "In a sense, they may see it as economically viable for them to skirt the law and wait to see if they get sued because the exposure is not that huge [if they don't get sued]," Sagafi says. "If they can settle [a complaint] for less than 100 percent of what they owe people [for overtime], they've gotten away with a good deal."'"

Senate Committee Votes To Fingerprint Lenders 146

Posted by kdawson
from the i-am-who-i-am-because-i-say-so dept.
tjstork recommends a blog post up at on the passage by a Senate committee of a fingerprinting provision in a foreclosure assistance bill. The provision would require thousands of people connected with the mortgage industry, even tangentially — possibly including part-time and seasonal real estate agents — to send fingerprints to the feds for storage in a database. No explanation is in evidence as to how this would help the problem of loan fraud. The measure passed the Senate Banking Committee by a bipartisan majority of 19 to 2. "The measure the committee passed states that 'an individual may not engage in the business of a loan originator without first... obtaining a unique identifier.' To obtain this 'identifier,' an individual is required to 'furnish to the newly created Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry 'information concerning the applicant's identity, including fingerprints for submission' to the FBI and other government agencies."

Ballmer Says Vista Selling Really Well 692

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the yeah-but-to-who dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Steve Ballmer is in no way disappointed with Windows Vista. It is selling 'incredibly well,' he told a press conference in Herzeliya, Israel today. 'Vista sells on almost 100 per cent of all the new consumer PCs around the world,' the Microsoft CEO proclaimed. He added that the operating system was also selling on '45 percent of all of new business PCs.' Which is enlightening, since business users are about the only buyers of new PCs that get a choice." Anyone know anybody who bought Vista except as bundled with hardware?

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