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Comment: Re: Why? (Score 1) 516

by xystren (#49143565) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
I guess I come from the Word*Star days where keyboard shortcuts were king. I still use many of them and odds are I have no idea where they would be located in the ribbon menu. It's much like GUI interfaces - they do work, but there are times I still end up going to the command line to get things done, and when I need to, I have that option. I suppose more annoying is the option was removed - classic interface vs ribbon interface. You know, pick one, or even switch between either would make things much easier and be less annoying - and the coding required would be relative minor. That is something I just don't understand why an option like that isn't included.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 516

by xystren (#49137663) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10

I couldn't agree more (and I will likely be call an 0ld-Ph@r7 and a progress Luddite that hates change). How long has it been since they started with this "ribbon" crap (2006? 2007?) and still to this day I long for the old simple, intuitive, efficient, File, Edit, etc., menu. What has it been? 8 years now? I think that is plenty of time to "get used to the ribbon" like I was told when it started. Like you said, it still creates aggravation with no upside.

I have no problem with change.... It's just: If it ain't broke, don't fix it > change for the sake of change

Comment: Re:trendy (Score 1) 467

by xystren (#48894125) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?
I have to agree with you on ESET. It acts the way that the old AV's used to act - easy on the resources, fast to update, and effective. I've gone through the whole works, McAfee, Norton, Symantec, AVG, Comodo, Trend, Avira, and Kaspersky. I just hope they don't go the ways of the others of becoming ineffective, resource hogging pigs.

Comment: Wow - interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 181

by xystren (#48730705) Attached to: Indiana Court Rules Melted Down Hard Drive Not Destruction of Evidence
Lots of room for potential abuse, but an interesting judgement. I wonder if there will now be laws stating that dead hardware must be kept beyond the statute of limitation in case a lawsuit ensues. So what about all those "catastrophic failures" right before the suit if filed? A double edged sword none the less.

Comment: Re:Floppy bad reputation undeserved (Score 1) 252

by xystren (#48730143) Attached to: US CTO Tries To Wean the White House Off Floppy Disks

Remeber, this was the mainstream distribution media for software for ~30 years (how often did you have to return original SW due to a bad floppy?). It only started to go down hill after the push to obsolete the floppy by Apple. By this point, it was just a race to the bottom and a checkmark option offered by the x86 PC manufacturers.

I remember having to send a bunch of floppies with WordPerfect for Dos back to WordPerfect.... But that wasn't due to a bad floppy, well it was, but not due to unreliability... It was due to WordPerfect being shipped from the factory with the Jerusalem-B virus on it.

Comment: Re:They don't work for me (Score 1) 464

by xystren (#48724885) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?

I had a similar experience with a set of progressive lens also. My doctor didn't push the progressives, but did recommend that I give them a try. He did say they are not for everyone. So I though, hey, why not give it a go.

Worst mistake I had made with those damn progressives. I had an zone of focus that amounted to looking through a straw, and everything else being out of focus. Any time that I moved my head to look at something else, the out of focus areas would rise and fall in a wave like motion as they came into the focused zone. Now, I'm not typically one to get motion sickness, or seasick, but I tell you, those progressives did mess with me. I gave them a good six weeks to "get used to them" and it didn't happen. Took them back and had the lens replaced with regular ones, and haven't looked back since.

I know people that have progressives and love them, but I have talked with just as many people that hated them. I'm in the latter group. I would not recommend them at all.

Comment: Re: Well duh - it's always been about saving money (Score 1) 420

by xystren (#48711515) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace
I question if this working 60-80hrs per week being the badge of honor in the US seems to value so highly is skewing those results, along with the culture of not taking holiday/vacation (or the guilt of taking it). And even though, I'd also question the amount of hours worked (on paper) vs. the actual number of hours worked. If you are working 40/wk, but if you actually put in more hours (either unpaid overtime, flex time that is never taken, telecommute work from home, etc.) you have skewed results. Often the numbers do not reflect the true numbers. Time off in the EU is encouraged, in the US, time off is certainly not encourage in the same way that the EU does. I also think it would be interesting to see what the productivity vs. quality of life would compare? Is productivity the measure that should be so highly valued? I suppose it depends on what your perspective is.

Comment: Re:The definition of toy (Score 1) 209

by xystren (#48013957) Attached to: My toy collection is ...

I would say, any item that you use for fun and/or enjoyment - whether it be an action figure/dolls, comics/books, role-playing games (CCGs,etc), climbing equipment, boat, model railroad, or RC vehicles, etc. I don't think we are limited to just "children's toys." Now especially with this crowd, computers could be a grey area - we probably all use them for work, but I'm sure we all use them for fun also.

I think we have all gotten too analytical and only view "the word of the law, rather than the spirit of the law." Let's be less concerned with what is/isn't and more concerned with what is fun.

Comment: Re:Episode V! (Score 1) 457

by xystren (#46976255) Attached to: Favorite Star Wars Movie?

Don't you recall, General Dodonna description of the Deathstar's defenses?

Well, the Empire doesn't consider a small one-man fighter to be any threat, or they'd have a tighter defense.

So clearly a one man fighter was not anticipated by the empire to be an appropriate attack vector - much the same way that Adobe doesn't consider Flash to be an attack vector, otherwise they would have a more secure product...

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