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Comment: Re:Desperate people do desperate things (Score 2) 186

by xyphor (#36315610) Attached to: Google Uncovers China-Based Password Collection Campaign

Right. And The World Is Going To End On May 21, 2011. Oh wait, that passed. And nothing happened.

If I had mod points, I'd go with off-topic or troll, but since I don't I'll say this:

People who ignore the graveness of the world economy, and especially the USA's, should read up on it. You may think it does not affect you. It will. This isn't a religion or cult, it is mathematics.

Comment: Re:I for one (Score 3, Insightful) 631

by xyphor (#28561575) Attached to: FDA Considers Banning Acetaminophen-Based Pain Killers

Do not welcome our nannystate overlords.

Seriously why do we have to keep legislating everything.

When did the FDA become a legislative body? Did I miss that?

The FDA can schedule drugs, so they can decide whether or not I'll get locked in a cage for putting a particular substance in my body. I don't think the term "legislating" is too far off.

Soon after Government run healthcare they are going to tell you want you can and can't eat.

And yet in countries with publicly funded health care the government doesn't do that. It's almost as if your comment is just plain bullshit.

And yet in the US one of the main reasons for taxing tobacco and alcohol is to reimburse Medicare, so a logical conclusion is to tax "bad" food once the State is responsible for everyone's health care. Hell, trans fat is banned in some local jurisdictions so I could see banning other food substances in the future.

Comment: Re:Market good, Gubmint baaaad (Score 1) 844

by xyphor (#28434787) Attached to: NIH Spends $400K To Figure Out Why Men Don't Like Condoms

Please learn to use your brain. Or at least realise that you are talking to adults who can see through your disingenuous talking points.

If we had a budget surplus, this wouldn't be such an issue. We're charging this on the gov't VISA. Spending future taxpayer's money should be scrutinized vigorously.

Comment: Re:Government (Score 1) 844

by xyphor (#28434641) Attached to: NIH Spends $400K To Figure Out Why Men Don't Like Condoms

'Glad to see that the US has a big surplus in the budget that we can afford to fund this stuff.'

Glad to see that Slashdot is helpfully parroting a 'story' fed to Fox News by a 'government watchdog', AKA a right-wing astroturf lobby group previously known for its heroic pro-tobacco, pro-Microsoft and anti-FOSS campaigns funded by (well, you can guess who):

Still, who cares about politically motivated attacks on public health research, provided we can make Knob Jokes?

Glad to see a perfect example of an ad hominem logical fallacy.

Comment: Re:What about time? (Score 1) 1137

by xyphor (#27871163) Attached to: Your Commuting Costs By Car Vs. Train?

Being privatised or not has no bearing on whether you have to pay for it.

Sure it does. I have a gun held to my head (taxes) to subsidize Amtrak customers' fares. If Amtrak were private I would not.

The problem with fully privatised systems is that they have a de-facto monopoly due to the barriers to entry.

But gov't systems do not?

And it's funny how you say private companies are always better when they're all failing.

They're all failing? Are you really being serious? Do you live on this planet?

Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.