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Comment: School district ISP (Score 1) 232

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#47502819) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

>> why the CVUSD is considering becoming its own ISP

Because they are in Palm Springs and money falls like leaves there?

>> Metrics are hard to come by after only a single school year

Don't they already have standardized tests? (

Comment: Re:Ooo...not an INTERNET (Score 2) 502

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#47482249) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

>> Care to put a dollar amount out there?

Sure. $100 says that Putin comes out of this thing looking like a world-class statesman to his allies - much like he did walking out from the Syria standoff (where the US also backed down).

For example, I already read a story this morning that Putin has "offered a cease fire" (ah, truly a man of peace!): ... even though he's the guy who invaded Ukraine and armed the f***ers who shot the plan down.

Comment: Sorry to hear - I have a Miix 2 and love it. (Score 1) 123

My company's VPN was incompatible with Android and I didn't want to spend much on a piece of gear for work, so I picked up the Lenovo Miix 2 for about $200 this year. Paired with a bluetooth keyboard, it's been an awesome companion - I gave up my bulky company laptop months ago and haven't looked back. (My primary workstation is the typical multi-monitor dev monster; I just remote in to that from the Miix.)

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