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Comment Where's Al Gore when you need him? (Score 1) 66

>> ...some of the softest air currents in 40 years... "We never anticipated a drop-off in the wind resource as we have witnessed over the past six months," says David Crane.

You mean you thought Al Gore was right around ever-more energetic winds, while ignoring historical wind trends?

Comment Re:At least you know what kind of food... (Score 1) 54

>> It won't be "Chinese food" if that's what you're thinking, it'll be actual Chinese food.

Yeesh, that's why it's a joke. "Chinese space station" means the work of an entire unified nation, while "Chinese food" both fails to describe the various cuisines available in China AND refers to the Westernized versions which assuredly WON'T be there.

Comment Re:Great--humans getting back into space (i know I (Score 5, Insightful) 54

>> I bet you'd be real fun at parties if you were ever actually invited to any.

That's kind of his point, actually. E.g,. "short-sighted Americans worry about parties while the Chinese send their children to the stars."

The rest of us just want to say, "GTF off our 'news for nerds' board if this stuff bores you."

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