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Comment: Re:One hundred *billion* dollars? (Score 1) 103

>> Why do I think this program will end up with a tiny, tiny fraction of ($100B)

'cause you're not an American taxpayer, perhaps? I think I'll bet the opposite: "unforeseen" cost overruns will balloon this into a $300B project with only about 500 helicopters to show for it.

Comment: Location is a factor too? (Score 2) 45

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#47370295) Attached to: Google Acquires Curated Music Service Songza

I dumped all other music providers about a year ago and now use Songza, particularly since it's mostly ad-free (and easy to download the streams). However, I've noticed that Songza's suggestions also seem to be location-based: when I'm at home in the sticks, I see a lot of country music suggestions, but when I'm in my office in the city, I mostly see rap and R&B suggestions.

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