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Comment: Re:There is nothing wrong with running XP now (Score 0) 393

by xxdesmus (#36390100) Attached to: Want iCloud With Windows? Ditch the XP
Really? They think your comment is "insightful" ? It's a 10 year old OS -- keep using it if you really want to, but don't complain/whine/bitch when new things don't work for you. Believe it or not Windows XP might not have certain underlying technologies that are built into Vista/Windows 7 that iCloud needs. Keep XP if you want to, but stupid bitching about things not working on it.

Comment: This guy is an idiot, it's pathetic. (Score 0) 349

by xxdesmus (#34572590) Attached to: Gmail Creator Says Chrome OS Is As Good As Dead
For the love of god, can we just stop calling him the "Gmail creator" at this point? It's pathetic. Good to see it's his only claim to fame. Wait, you mean he created an online email system? Shocking! Gmail isn't exactly rocket science guys ...don't get too impressed when he talks about anything else.

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