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Comment: Weak Investigation (Score 2) 385

by xxMSAxx (#39359987) Attached to: FBI Tries To Force Google To Unlock User's Android Phone
It seems to be pretty weak investigative work if the stone of truth depends solely on a cell phone record. Sure the guy is a scum ball, but if its so evident then there has to be a way to prove it that doesn't involve hacking into a computer device. As smartphones become databanks of personal information here also comes the advent of lazy detective work which would rather usurp expected privacy as the norm instead of hitting the streets to get their gumshoes dirty.

Comment: Re:Hahahahaahah (Score 1) 495

by xxMSAxx (#36318400) Attached to: Tennessee Makes it Illegal To Share Your Netflix Password
Its a waste of tax payer money they made a law to take care of what Netflix already takes care of security wise internally. I think its fair you cant give your password out to all your family n friends so everyone can enjoy the service they provide based from only one paying subscriber. Its just like lending a dvd riiiiiiiiiight if you could watch that one DVD in 3 diff places at the same time. Get back to me when ya can do that. America...the land of the free IF you have money. Gimme a break man. You ever been to a lot of the other world? I will take this bought freedom over most the places where you cant even find a job to buy it! I think America is the land of the whiny ass brat generation who feels entitled to everything for free with no work and full complaints.

Will The Power Grid Fail? 251

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the doomsday-and-naysayers dept.
rhyder writes: "This article from CNET explains the increasing chances that the nations power grid will not be able to support the growing high tech economy. Maybe it is time for those of you running e-commerce servers out of your home to check out Home Power and generate your own electricity."

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