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Comment: Re:I really dig the Obamacare comments Bruce made (Score 1) 224

by xvan (#47226227) Attached to: Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions
Don't know about the US, but lot's of countries actually do that. They provide Food / Money intending to put all their population above the indigence line.
Ofcourse, from these other countries it's really hard to understand why you're against public health, but allow your police to purchase military vehicles.
On the other hand, the US has been more successfull than most of these other countries, so we might be wrong.

Comment: Re:Criminal scum (Score 1) 226

by xvan (#47102309) Attached to: Domain Name Suspended
How many times did you cross child porn indexed by google?
How many times did you cross with torrents indexed by google?

Do you really believe that google isn't able to block torrents? It's just not worth the money... DMCA safe harbour rules are on their side, and they'd only loose eyeballs + money tightening their filters.

Have you also questioned why if its legal to stream media from youtube / spotify. And It's legal to record it for personal purposes. Why It's illegal to aquire it from "alternative ways".

Comment: Re:Mod parent interesting (Score 1) 226

by xvan (#47102167) Attached to: Domain Name Suspended
I see no irony... PGP Can be used for authentication for users.
So you have descentralized authetication: PGP (to authenthicate users and files origin).
Descentralized File sharing: Torrents
What's lacking is a descentralized scoring system and a descentralized universal index system (I have no Idea what's the best way to implement that).

Another issue is a descentralized way to track torrents health...

Comment: Re:Paper trail (Score 1) 193

by xvan (#47096495) Attached to: Bug In DOS-Based Voting Machines Disrupts Belgian Election
The paper version is not cheap. It's as repeatable as any other election method.
It's easy to rig it on small scale, and enough small rigs can alter the election results.
It's extremely susceptible to human errors, an they are not minimized as the vote count is not performed by auditing trained people.

Paper version presents other issues in places without bipartisan systems.
You can have more than 10 ballots for an election, and some ballots are "missed", depriving the possibility of choose. It's important because a significant number of persons don't decide until the last moment.

I was really surprised by Venezuela's voting system. I believe that a mixed electronic/paper system is the most auditable way.
It'd be better if you were provided with a ticket with a vote ID and a random key pair, to be able to validate your own vote online without violating the secrecy principle.

Comment: Re:Ramifications (Score 0) 334

If your "Anglo" culture includes the US...
1) They treat freedom of speech by caging it in "free speech zones".
2) They treat privacy by bugging the whole world in the name of security.

Yes, it could be a lot worse than that... but I see no evidence showing that the Anglo culture takes freedom nor privacy as core values.

APL hackers do it in the quad.