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Comment None of them (Score 1) 294 294

Stick to old fashioned measures...

Just get a copy of httpwatch/fiddler, (wireshark too if you know what you're looking at), and test several hits with a few random sites. Preferably the big sites that tend to have more capacity (news sites, apple, etc..).

Not only will you get the big picture of how long it took to load, but you can also focus on what took too long to load - if it's a network or site issue, name resolution, etc..

ICMP is also your friend (latency test).

Comment Re: What's so hard about using the time-honored (Score 1) 242 242

Agree.. it's not for an interview, just for a cup of coffee.. you can give them the name Homer for all they care, as long as a few minutes later you know when your order is ready..

But that said, now I really want to know what your name is (that comment of it spelled in 3 different ways) :) ..

Comment Re:wrong priorities (Score 1) 27 27

Erm, nope.. I'm just asking a simple question. No need for all this rudeness.

I'm sure 95% of the population of Africa won't give a toss about faster or better internet, or even know or care what that is to begin with. There are more important things to work on and solve over there..

Comment Ban those handful (Score 0) 181 181

Why don't they just ban those handful of ISPs until they stop their dirty tricks? A message to the user saying something like "you cannot access Netflix via this ISP due to x y z." and provide a list of good ISPs. That can force the customers/users to move away from these ISPs or complain, which puts more pressure onto them sorting their shit out.

Yes it's a hit to the number of Netflix customers but in the long run it should pay ?

Comment How about meeting it half way with MOPs? (Score 1) 265 265

You said you had 24/7 personnel on call. Let's refer to them as the NOC.

Are they trained to type and follow commands, along with basic (i mean basic..) skills in *nix?

You could cut the cost of investment in automation which can be costly, and focus more on well documented (and tested as much as possible) steps or instructions that they can perform since they're up anyway.. You can use some of the allocated cost in training the NOC a bit more on *nix, scripting etc..

If anything goes wrong then they can call you and you can follow up. Depending on how good your steps are (and a bit of luck) you might end up waking up less than usual.

Of course I ask that silly question up top because you don't want to be awaken at the start of the maintenance saying "Hello sir, your MOP failed at `ls /vra/log`.

If you think the system is working, ask someone who's waiting for a prompt.