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Comment: Notary (Score 1) 633

by xsuchy (#29184685) Attached to: Thanks For the ... Eight-Track, Uncle Alex

Take same measure as for last will.
And if you really want to save it in digital format - make agreement with notary to make every year copy of that CD/Disk/Whatever to DVD/Holodisc or whatever will be normally used that year. After 17 year you will end with 17 copies and few recent should be readable without problem. And you will have 16 backup copies.

Comment: Re:Spacewalk (Score 1) 209

by xsuchy (#27728137) Attached to: Cross-Distro Remote Package Administration?

Spacewalk should have support for PosgreSQL by end of this year.

In the same time it will probably have support for DEB packages, so you may manage not just Red Hat, Centos, Fedora ... but Debian and Ubuntu as well.

Comment: Re:OpenSSH bug? (Score 2, Informative) 278

by xsuchy (#24706027) Attached to: Red Hat, Fedora Servers Compromised

I'm from RH...
No, they are not related. Offical OpenSSH from Fedora or RH repositories do not contain bug (but the low priority X11 forwarding).

As a precautionary measure, we are releasing an updated version of these SSH packages, if you happend to install previous package from untrusted source (i.e. not RHN).

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Power your computer with bike

Submitted by xsuchy
xsuchy (963813) writes "Lots of people today spend large amount of time in front a computer without moving. That's bad for their bodies. But now, with Twibright Exciter, Internet surfing can have similar effect on your fat level and aerobic fitness as wave surfing. Exciter is an exercise bike designed to be ridden when using a computer. It can be connected to power a laptop, LCD monitor or a desk lamp and this way the user has a great motivation to continue the exercise."

+ - How To Crash Vista In 10 Seconds

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Despite its improved security, when Microsoft designed Vista it apparently forgot fix an old Achilles' heel that's plagued Windows for many years. According to InformationWeek blogger Alex Wolfe, Vista can be crashed in 10 seconds or so by simply holding down the "Windows" key and the letter "E." This'll open up hundreds of Windows Explorer, and eventually the system will stop responding. Do you think this is just one of those stupid oversights by normally smart people, or does it say something damning about Microsoft's approach to security?"

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