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Comment: Re:30 day suspension of pilot's license for prev. (Score 1) 258

by ScentCone (#49496901) Attached to: Gyrocopter Pilot Appears In Court; Judge Bans Him From D.C.
I don't believe you actually need a pilot's license to fly anything characterized as an "ultralight" aircraft, as these tape-and-balsawood gyrocopters appear to be. Doesn't mean the FAA can't fine your ass, of course, when you do dumb crap like flying a possibly deadly set of large rotors right past crowds of tourists at low altitudes in an urban area like DC.

Comment: Re:the real crazy: (Score 1) 320

by ScentCone (#49489503) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

McCain-Feingold was not an attempt to "prevent people from gathering together in a group, pooling their resources, and using those resources to express an opinion about politics"

That's exactly what it was. How else would you characterize you being subject to felony federal charges if you (personally, or as part of a group) run an issue or party advocacy ad in the week before an election? It wasn't about the size or loudness of the "megaphone," it was about political speech, period. Unless you are part of one of the groups that the law allowed to continue. Which is the second reason why the law was struck down - unequal protection. The law abridged free speech, and applied the law unevenly to different parties. Unconstitutional right out of the gate on both counts.

Comment: Re:Shocked he survived (Score 1) 320

by ScentCone (#49489429) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested
The DC FRZ is indeed there to cut down on the need to deal with a bunch of yahoos buzzing very high-profile targets. But the who decided to fly his gyrocopter right past crowds after a low-level pass over an urban area is up for reckless operation charges from the FAA either way. That bit of idiocy is idiocy whether it's done around people in DC or around people in downtown Miami.

Comment: Re:Shocked he survived (Score 1) 320

by ScentCone (#49489405) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

Being subjected to over paid messages is NOT free speech it PAID for speech

It would be great if you can point out where, in the First Amendment, it says that your rights to say what you want about politics is taken away if you do it by, say, paying a printer to copy your message onto 500 pieces of paper you want to hand out. Paid speech! Paid speech! The government must censor that, since it took money to reproduce the message and spread it around!

Do you even listen to yourself?

Comment: Re:Are the two networks truly separated? (Score 1) 113

Exactly this. I'd like to think that there's an air gap (ahem) between the avionics and passenger networks, and that it's impossible to access the avionics system from the passenger compartment. I'd also like to think it doesn't rely on security through obscurity, like "we run our API server on port 81 instead of port 80, ha-HA!". Come on, Slashdot: we have to have at least one aerospace engineer in here, don't we?

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 698

If your charity is providing shelter for the homeless, but they have to pay 10 bucks per night for the bunk-bed, you are not non-profit.

That test fails. What if it costs $50 per night for the bunk-bed and the rest is subsidized through external donations?

If your mega-church is providing "healing for the sick", but they have to pay $200 to enter, you are not a non-profit.

And if that $200 turns into renting clinic space and buying supplies to provide free medical care to poor children?

My point is that the answer to these questions is never simple, and if you think you've found a simple definition that neatly covers everything, it suggests you're likely missing something.

"A car is just a big purse on wheels." -- Johanna Reynolds