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Comment: Re: or, Turkey cracks down on dissidents (Score 1) 153 153

>"DOS attacks can be a pre-cursor for a far more malicious exploit. Lose the ignorance, think Sony"

What ignorance ? I have been the target of a DoS attack in the past, so don't assume any ignorance on my part. As for the subject in hand, I agree with Synerg1y's last comment... "Still, I have a feeling this whole situation is going to make the internet a much less free place, start reading on SSL tunnels & off-shore server hosting?"

Comment: Re: or, Turkey cracks down on dissidents (Score 1) 153 153

bad example, at a rally, people are there to hear those on stage, same deal with a website, being drowned out, does not stop the visibility, even for those on stage, a DoS attack stops even the visibility. But in the end that still doesn't change the fact that the DoS attack is a form of censorship.

FYI, a DDOS attack is just a type of DoS attack, as they are acronym's, lets break them down... DDOS - Distributed Denial of Service, DoS - Denial of Service, the word distributed is just a reference to how a DoS attack is performed. There is no point in continuing to describing them as DDOS attacks when most DoS attacks are distributed attacks these days anyway.

Comment: Re: or, Turkey cracks down on dissidents (Score 1) 153 153

>"Only if you consider governments to be people. There is a fundamental difference between privacy in official governmental capacity or (to a limited extent) by a public figure and the privacy of an individual person."

But, a government, any government, is still made up of individual people.

I also have a comment for the group Anonymous, DoS attacks are the opposite of free speech, as it denies free speech from the person/group receiving the attack. So all I am seeing with Anonymous' DoS attacks is support for the very thing they claim to be attacking. Free speech is one thing where being the example to show why something is bad, is actually only working against Anonymous because their DoS attacks are actually showing why censorship is good.

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