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+ - Sailfish truely open?->

Submitted by xophos
xophos (517934) writes "Jollas SailfishOS is foremost advertized as truely open. Yet from a FOSS perspective that is not really the case. And i'm not talking about drivers and firmware (those are closed too).
The core OS is Linux/Mer and hence open anyway.
But the UI Layer and Most of the core applications remain closed.
How is that truely open?
MacOS has an open source core too you know..."

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+ - Marines have an informal agreement with Facebook->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Spanish blogger discovered that US Marines have an informal agreement with Facebook to remove any page. In an article entitled " U.S. Marines Creating Island for Network Defense ", in this month issue of a military magazine, Brigadier General Kevin Nally head of Command, Control, Computers and Communications (C4) of the Marine Corps of the United States explains it, the Marines have an informal agreement with Facebook to remove any page that violates OPSEC, to disclose personally identifiable personal information from the Marines or attempts to impersonate officers. Also reports that the public relations office of the Marine Corps monitors Facebook and if you need a direct line to the headquarters of the network to request immediate withdrawal of information."
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