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Comment lesson learned (Score 4, Insightful) 136

I've had so much trouble with Apple updates in the last couple years. I ended up stopping doing upgrades, completely. I'm still on Mavericks and iOS 7 and will remain here until these machines fall to pieces, at which point I'm just going to order something cheap on Alibaba and stick Linux on it. The whole point of buying these overpriced products is that they're supposed to "Just work." They just don't live up to the promise, anymore. Apple is looking more like Microsoft each day.

Comment Re:and he'll solve world hunger in 4 (Score 2) 396

I've been saying for a number of years that semi trucks would be the first thing to convert over to autonomous driving. We'll see it there long before we see it widespread in passenger vehicles. Think of it simply: These are trucks that can (and most already do) drive at night when there are few people on the road, have very well-defined and easily known start and end points (vs. listening to a passenger describe a location or navigate an un-mapped driveway), would benefit in cost savings both from constant autonomous use AND the fact that you won't have to pay someone to do it (whereas passenger car drivers are working for free). Documenting loading bays for your business is a project that works at scale (and it's to determine the authoritative source of such information), whereas mapping everyone's driveway and personal parking spot does not (as we've seen with the crowd-sourced data contributed to Google Maps).

Autonomous cars are an interesting research project; but, until you see Paccar introduce autonomous trucks and start clocking some miles testing these things at night and at significant scale, it will remain a passenger vehicle pipe-dream.

Comment Re:Play Services (Score 1) 127

It's true. I went through all the hoops trying to get Play Services to work properly with apps like Gmail and Google Maps on the Q10 and it just wouldn't work properly. Apps would constantly crash and I'd get errors that the Play Services Framework had stopped. It was ridiculous. I don't think it's asking too much to get the Play Store and all associated services working on their runtime, out of the box.

Comment EPA (Score 1) 392

I think we need to re-evaluate the EPA's standard if a bunch of car companies are found guilty of this (and it seems they are). It's likely that the engineers were given the impossible task of meeting the EPA standard while still having a high rate of performance and efficiency. At certain speeds, it may be more efficient on CO2 emissions than a gasoline engine getting 30mpg vs its 50mpg, but emit more sulphur and other particulates. The engineers, maybe rightly so, thought that the EPA standard was bogus if it meant emitting more CO2 for the same distance to reduce particulates. Let's not also forget that there are small diesel trucks and big semis that emit way worse than these cars did. Or how about people who mad their diesel trucks to "blow coal" and such? Had VW given more campaign contributions, the standard would have been rewritten to suit their fancy.

Comment Play Services (Score 1) 127

They would have been a lot smarter to have implemented Play Services or gotten their Android runtime Google Play certified so that it could run normal Google apps. That was really the main deciding factor for me to not get a Blackberry Passport---it simply won't run Google Play Services-dependent apps (though all other Android apps worked when sideloaded). Things that relied on Google Maps or any of the Google ID authentication failed to work, which is surprisingly a lot of apps. Simply improving their Android app runtime and getting that elusive Google Play store icon on their screen would have been a huge opportunity. So few BBRY users are even aware the Android runtime exists, so getting a direct Google Play store icon would be a huge a revelation to them.

Comment desperate move (Score 1) 279

This just seems like a desperate move on Apple's part.

1) It says to investors that existing buyers have dried up and they need to start looking at lower-income consumers to get their sales numbers up.

2) It says to their existing customers that Apple's products are no longer high-end and exclusive and are now something even the poorest of the poor can afford.

What do you think would happen to D&G or Gucci's brand if they suddenly started ADVERTISING that their bags are available for $1 a day? I mean, it's one thing to have in-store credit that's discreetly available; it's entirely another to advertise to the world that you're essentially a rent seeking consumer vampire.

Comment Re:PS3 Mac Compatible Anymore (Score 1) 94

I believe the point they are trying to make is that the PS3 is an aging platform that has very strange development requirements due to its hardware. It's odd that they can't get similarly good performance out of something that's the same commodity hardware as the performant Windows PC, when something so different (the PS3) works fine.

Comment Re:FAO of inspector general - copy to Congress (Score 4, Informative) 251

If you point out government waste or find out that the security practices required by the government contract were not met you can actually receive a % payment for the value of the difference won back in court. Try and work that route instead of just whistle-blowing. If you find the government was over-billed for services that weren't rendered (i.e. security) then you have a real case and there are official channels through which you can work.

Comment disengenuous comparison (Score 1) 194

On what planet is Buzzfeed comparable to something like a television series?

This is like putting a farm chicken in a UFC tournament and then acting surprised that the prize fighter won.

Maybe compare television viewership, subscriptions, and ad sales broadcast via traditional means (i.e. cable) to television shows that are exclusively streamed via the internet (ala House of Cards, Community).

This is a non-story designed to make chump television advertisers feel like they aren't being conned.

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