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Comment Re:Short version (Score 1) 150

Sony is notorious for over-promising and under-delivering on Playstation hardware and software capabilities. This would fly in the face of much of their history. I suspect it was simply cheaper to pull off an attempt at emulation to try and make this bundle of Star Wars games work, vs trying to build it again, as a quick cash grab.

Comment Re:Wouldn't a PS3 emulator make more sense? (Score 1) 150

I have so few games that "struggle to run" under software backwards compatibility under a PS3. The list on Wikipedia is quite short when you compare it to the thousands of available titles. The only titles that tend to cause me trouble were music games where the timing and sync of audio and video was tantamount to player success.

Comment Re:Well played (Score 1) 90

To be fair, most filtering apps seem to run as fake VPN configurations, routing connections through the App's VPN "server" running on localhost to do the blocking. Putting Apps in a VM with the virtual network hardware hooked directly up to the hypervisor's networking stack, and the VPN config by extension, could make it even harder for apps to bypass that sort of filtering.

Comment Re:XBONE Backward Compatibility (Score 3, Insightful) 86

Not only that but it's really disingenuous to try and count last-generation games as being games for this generation's consoles. It would be just as unfair for Sony to try and claim that all the streamed backwards compatible games they have on the PS4 via Playstation Now are somehow relevant to the discussion of number of games designed for the platform.

Comment my experience (Score 1) 169

I've tried a number of devices for fitness. Anything with built-in GPS is going to seriously degrade your battery life while it's on. Even phones drain insanely fast when using actual GPS satellite signals instead of wifi for geolocation. 2 hours of continuous high-resolution GPS tracking is going to be par for the course for this type of device.

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