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Comment Re:PS3 Mac Compatible Anymore (Score 1) 94

I believe the point they are trying to make is that the PS3 is an aging platform that has very strange development requirements due to its hardware. It's odd that they can't get similarly good performance out of something that's the same commodity hardware as the performant Windows PC, when something so different (the PS3) works fine.

Comment Re:FAO of inspector general - copy to Congress (Score 4, Informative) 251

If you point out government waste or find out that the security practices required by the government contract were not met you can actually receive a % payment for the value of the difference won back in court. Try and work that route instead of just whistle-blowing. If you find the government was over-billed for services that weren't rendered (i.e. security) then you have a real case and there are official channels through which you can work.

Comment disengenuous comparison (Score 1) 194

On what planet is Buzzfeed comparable to something like a television series?

This is like putting a farm chicken in a UFC tournament and then acting surprised that the prize fighter won.

Maybe compare television viewership, subscriptions, and ad sales broadcast via traditional means (i.e. cable) to television shows that are exclusively streamed via the internet (ala House of Cards, Community).

This is a non-story designed to make chump television advertisers feel like they aren't being conned.

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