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Comment: Re:No sense at all (Score 1) 400

by xnpu (#37128130) Attached to: UK Men Get 4 Years For Trying to Incite Riots Via Facebook

"40% illiterate". Don't be a prick. These people have no idea why their lives are so miserable, how to express that properly or what to do about it. You can't treat people like commodity pigs and then expect them to behave like a college professor. If you push people to the point where they have nothing to lose, they will act accordingly. Also keep in mind that the more literate from these areas have been protesting for years and that things have gone up in flames before (on a smaller scale) in the last two years. Sure, there are opportunists in these riots (the government being one of them), but to completely write this off as a non-political issue is doing everyone a disservice.

Comment: Re:Hyperbole (Score 1) 355

by xnpu (#37104918) Attached to: China Praises UK Internet Censorship Plan

Of course it's political. Sure, no society can provide for 100% of it's people to live the good life. But when large numbers of people end up uneducated, unemployed and with barely anything to lose you can be damn sure it's political, even if they themselves can't express it that way. How do you expect people to express themselves when you don't even take the trouble to teach them proper ways of expression?

Comment: Re:A No Brainer (Score 1) 500

by xnpu (#37077944) Attached to: Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use

You misunderstand the idea. There will be large areas when the system will not bill you while your normal car tax is lowered. If anything, this encourages more people to buy and use cars in those areas. Again, it's not an environmental issue. It's just about getting traffic to stay away from congested areas/hours.

Comment: Re:Fuel tax? (Score 1) 500

by xnpu (#37077920) Attached to: Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use

The promise is that the amount money flowing to the government remains the same as it is now (or does not increase more that it would without the system). Supposedly people who already drive less will end up paying less tax, while long distance/frequent drivers will end up paying more.

Of course we all know these promises are rarely kept.

Comment: Re:Request Assistance from Garden Networks? (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by xnpu (#37026758) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Combat IP-Based Censorship?

This is pretty poor advice. For one, the software is quite crappy (I can't get it to work here in China). More importantly, by using their software you associate with them. Which may already be risky. Then you go as far as to say the OP should help fund this NGO. Enough for the government to classify him as a danger to national security / terrorist / whatever.

IMHO it's much better to get that $2.99 VPN (I've seen them even cheaper) and claim you just wanted to talk to your Facebook friends abroad than to get involved with these type of NGO's.

Comment: Re:Honesty Box Security (Score 1) 243

by xnpu (#37012462) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does SSL Validation Matter?

This is so true. As we were blocked by DNS poisoning we had to send 10.000+ users a direct IP link using an SSL certificate. This throws up all sorts of browser warnings. Of the 10.000+ less than 100 complained, and not because a trust issue, but just because they didn't know how to get past the error. People. Do. Not. Care.

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