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+ - BlackBerry agrees to access of servers in India->

Submitted by xmpcray
xmpcray (636203) writes "Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, today agreed to lawful access to its corporate e-mail and instant messaging services to the Indian Govt.

The smartphone maker has also decided to set up its servers in India to help Indian security agencies to decode the smartphone's heavily encrypted traffic.

India, which struggles with a host of home-grown insurgencies and threats from terror groups based in neighbouring Pakistan, has been worried that BlackBerry phones could be used by militants."

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+ - India's GSLV D3 mission fails->

Submitted by xmpcray
xmpcray (636203) writes "It was a big moment for India — the launch of the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). But minutes into launch, there was crisis with the indigenous cryogenic engine underperforming and the rocket deviating from its path. The worst fears had come true. The mission was a failure. It took India more than 15 years to develop this cryogenic engine as technology for this was denied."
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+ - India's Chandrayaan discovers water on moon->

Submitted by
xmpcray writes "It could be one of the biggest finds in the history of space research — water on the moon. And proof of this may have come from India's own Chandrayaan satellite before it was aborted. The credit for this much-awaited discovery could go to NASA's Moon Minerology Mapper (M3) on board the Chandrayaan, which has mapped 97 per cent of the lunar surface change."
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+ - Signs of Water Are Found All Over the Moon->

Submitted by
SpuriousLogic writes "There appears to be, to the surprise of planetary scientists, water, water everywhere on the Moon, although how many drops future astronauts might be able to drink is not clear.

Data from three spacecraft indicate the widespread presence of water or hydroxyl, a molecule consisting of one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom as opposed to the two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms that make up a water molecule. The discoveries are being published Thursday on the Web site of the journal Science.

"It's so startling because it's so pervasive," said Lawrence A. Taylor of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a co-author of one of the papers that analyzed data from a National Aeronautics and Space Administration instrument aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 satellite."

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The Military

+ - India's first stealth fighter to fly in 4 months-> 1

Submitted by xmpcray
xmpcray (636203) writes "In less than four months from now, India's first stealth fighter will fly for the first time. It is called the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft or FGFA being developed in Russia by Sukhoi. Several of the technologies being developed for the stealth fighter have evolved from those used in the Sukhoi 30 MKI. Considered the most maneuverable fighter in the world, the Sukhoi 30 MKI uses thrust vectored engines which deflect the exhaust from its engines to extreme angles which enable the jet to pull off violent maneuvers like a flat spin where the jet literally spins around on its axis."
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Comment: Re:Finally (Score 5, Interesting) 186

by xmpcray (#26311327) Attached to: Hackers Finally Unlock iPhone 3G

And to add to this, they explicitly say they don't want any donations.

We've seen some comments about you lovely people wanting to donate money to us. We'd just like to say that we DO NOT accept donations. There is no paypal account associated to us, there is no way to donate to us, we do this as a hobby and don't want to be paid and we fund all of this ourselves and it works out just fine.

Anyone who says "donate to DevTeam" in our name is lying, so don't send them anything, you'll just fund their crack habit.

Keep your dough for the lovely shiny Apple products, we think you'll need it.

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