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Comment: Re:How is plannet formed? (Score 0) 88

by xmason (#35347976) Attached to: First Probe To Orbit Mercury May Help Us Learn How Planets Form

They need to do way instain solarsystem who kill thier plannetss. becuse these plannet cant frigth back? it was on the news this mroing a solarsystem in andrommedah who had kill her three plannets. they are taking the three plannet back to milkyway too solarsysteem to rest my pary are with the staar who lost his plannetts; i am truley sorry for your lots

Comment: Get the experience now if you can. (Score 0) 834

by xmason (#27905385) Attached to: Go For a Masters, Or Not?

5 years of experience and a BA/BS on your resume/CV will be much more valuable than a 30 year old man/woman with 7-8 years of schooling and only a couple of internships or part time jobs.

From what I've seen (11 years experience, BS, working on my MBA part time), a masters will really only help if you're looking to jump into management. I was able to get into a management position by virtue of pursuing my MBA, along with my broad range of experience. Heck, my company is even paying for the MBA.

Later, if you decide you want to get into a management position, you can always go back to school for a MS or MBA.

Technology (Apple)

+ - QuickPWN Apple Store App Revealed Then Removed

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "You may have gotten a glimpse of QuickPWN App in the Apple iTunes Store a couple days ago but it was apparently quickly removed from the store after Apple received some bad publicity around it. QuickPwn, as many of you know is the software that allows you to bypass Apple's protection on the iPhone to install non-official applications and programs on the iPhone and iPod Touch. How did it make its way onto Apple's Apps Catalog and why would they be promoting such an application?"

+ - Nagios is Forked->

Submitted by
Glyn Moody
Glyn Moody writes "Forks are an important feature of free software: they ensure that projects stick close to their users. But they are also a danger, since they can split the developer community. That makes forks a rare event, and the following announcement rather exciting: "A group of leading Nagios protagonists including members of the Nagios Community Advisory board and creators of multiple Nagios Addons have launched ICINGA — a fork of Nagios, the prevalent open source monitoring system." So were they right to fork, and will Nagios, Icinga — or both — flourish in the long run?"
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