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Comment: Re:Google's method is not perfect either. (Score 1) 271

by xlv (#48995063) Attached to: Why Gmail Has Better Security Than Your Bank

but have fun connecting your Android phone to your Google account

I just enabled two factor identification earlier today after reading some posts here and managed to update my Android phone pretty rapidly. The only issue was that I had to click on "try again" to see a dialog asking me for the password and then the auth code and it wasn't obvious as I selected a few other options first. That's on a Nexus 5 with Android 5.0.1.

Comment: Re:Santa Barbara isn't like the rest of CA (Score 1) 420

I was going to post something similar. You can see the different water sources at The Santa Barbara metro area (including Carpinteria and Goleta) uses less than 10% state water as most of the water is runoffs accumulated in local reservoirs or ground water. As the parent stated, it's been pretty dry here and the water level in Cachuma lake is pretty low.

+ - Webmail and online banks targeted by phishing proxies->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Netcraft confirms a recent increase in the number of malicious proxy auto-config (PAC) scripts being used to sneakily route webmail and online banking traffic through rogue proxy servers. The scripts are designed to only proxy traffic destined for certain websites, while all other traffic is allowed to go direct. If the proxy can force the user to keep using HTTP instead of HTTPS, the fraudsters running these attacks can steal usernames, passwords, session cookies and other sensitive information from online banking sessions."
Link to Original Source

Intel To Ship Xeon Phi For "Exascale" Computing This Year 77

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the but-can-it-beat-a-beowful-cluster-of-286es dept.
MojoKid writes "At the International Supercomputing Conference today, Intel announced that Knights corner, the company's first commercial Many Integrated Core product will ship commercially in 2012. The descendent of the processor formerly known as Larrabee also gets a new brand name — Xeon Phi. The idea behind Intel's new push is that the highly efficient Xeon E5 architecture (eight-core, 32nm Sandy Bridge) fuels the basic x86 cluster, while the Many Integrated Core CPUs that grew out of the failed Larrabee GPU offer unparalleled performance scaling and break new ground. The challenges Intel is trying to surmount are considerable. We've successfully pushed from teraflops to petaflops, but exaflops (or exascale computing) currently demands more processors and power than it's feasible to provide in the next 5-7 years. Intel's MIC is targeted at hammering away at that barrier and create new opportunities for supercomputing deployments."

Comment: Re:Dogs eat hearing aids - seriously! (Score 1) 727

by xlv (#31474298) Attached to: Why Are Digital Hearing Aids So Expensive?

It's also possible that the dog liked the way the hearing aid tastes.

Yes, I believe that's the case. Ever noticed how dogs will also sniff around the ears when they meet new dogs. I know that my dog likes to smell the tissues I use to clean his ears and he also chewed the ear plugs my girlfriend left on a bed pillow once... and he's not really the type of dog that will eat anything he can get to.

Classic Games (Games)

What Made Those Old, 2D Platformers So Great? 249

Posted by Soulskill
from the simple-yet-entertaining dept.
TheManagement writes "Many current developers of web games seem to have a fondness for 2D platformers. However, their desire to capture what made Sonic and Mario games so great is rarely achieved. In an attempt to breach that gap, Significant Bits takes a look at three common design principles that made those classic titles so enjoyable. 'To start off, the interface needs to be quick and responsive. Input should have an immediate effect on the character in order to foster a sense of full control. Granularity and different control techniques, i.e., pressing, tapping and holding, are also important as they provide a level of precision to the movement. ... Now, as far as the environments themselves, it's not a coincidence that they're often filled with all sorts of slides, bridges, trampolines, ladders, etc. In a way, they're simply playgrounds for the player, both literally and figuratively. They're catered to the moveset, and they enhance the flow of the game.'"

Comment: Re:Sad code, sad article (Score 5, Funny) 465

by xlv (#26324157) Attached to: The Exact Cause of the Zune Meltdown

for (;;) {
        int daysInYear = IsLeapYear (year) ? 366 : 365;
        if (day = daysInYear) break;
        day -= daysInYear; year += 1;

This is what Knuth called an "N + 1/2" loop

No, this is what Knuth would call an infinite loop as there's no way to terminate the loop except on the last day of each year...

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